Study Finds Children May Be Harmed by TBI MedicationOver the last decade, the effective treatment of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) has become a major initiative within the medical community. Physicians and researchers have worked to develop medications that ease the symptoms of TBIs. While some advances have been made, the effective treatment of children still brings up a lot of questions.

A recent report by Neuroscience News discusses the effects of a brain injury medication on child patients. As explained in the article, research studies have shown that antibodies can have a positive effect on adult victims of brain injuries by inhibiting the brain’s inflammatory response. However, further studies showed that these same medications may not be appropriate for younger victims. A Drexel University College of Medicine study found that the medication actually worsened the cognitive deficiencies brought on by head injuries.

Researchers believe that these differences stem from the various stages of the brain’s development. “The developing brain is not the same as the fully mature brain,” said Ramesh Raghupathi, PhD, a professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the university. “This study suggests that acute interventions targeting the inflammatory cascade may not be a viable strategy for treating traumatic brain injury in infants and young children.”

Children’s risk for TBI highlights the need for effective treatments

Children are highly susceptible to TBIs when compared to their adult counterparts. According to the Brain Injury Association of America, the age groups with the greatest risk are 0 to 4 and 15-19. These childhood injuries commonly stem from the following circumstances:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Sports injuries
  • Falls
  • Physical abuse

When children suffer from a brain injury, the effects can be even more damaging than those experienced by adults. Though they may show some signs of immediate impairment, the symptoms may become more obvious as the child matures and moves into more challenging social environments. As a parent, you may notice behaviors like:

  • Memory loss
  • Limited attention span
  • Seizures
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Severe depression

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