New Trauma Study Examines the Relationship Between Rest and ConcussionsThe Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation recently published a study that questions whether physical and mental rest helps concussion victims recover faster. The study was reported in the July/August 2016 issue by a University of Delaware kinesiology and applied physiology professor.

The objective of the study was to determine whether an acute period of physical and cognitive rest would help improve recovery time for patients with a concussion diagnosis. Fifty patients were studied and split into two groups. Of the full sample, 25 patients did not participate in school classes or any other activities for the day of their injury and the next day. The other 25 patients were not restricted in regard to physical or cognitive rest. The two groups had comparative medical histories.

The student patients were examined and measured according to:

  • A balance error score
  • A standardized concussion assessment
  • A computerized neuropsychological test

The tests were given daily until a baseline was achieved. The results were than compared.

Results and implications of the study

The findings showed that the group that did not have any rest actually became asymptomatic a day faster than those who were prescribed rest. The results for the three measuring tests (balance, standard assessment, and computerized neuropsychological) were the same for both groups.

The results indicate that, contrary to expected beliefs, that prescribed cognitive and physical rest does not necessarily help with recovery times. In fact, some light activity after a concussion may actually be helpful. Other traumatic brain injury studies are being done to determine what treatment options work best.

While many people recover from a concussion, more serious traumatic brain injuries can cause the loss of cognitive function and physical abilities. People with TBIs often need extensive physical, occupational, and emotional therapy. TBIs are the result of a violent shaking of the skull and can be caused by a car accident, a slip and fall, a product explosion, a mishap at a construction site, or for many other reasons.

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