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Our personal injury attorneys are currently offering free phone and video consultations.

A few short months ago, all of you gave us the best possible gift we could ever hope for. You voted Rocky McElhaney The Best Attorney in Nashville, in Nashville Scene’s Best of 2015 reader’s poll. We spent a lot of time cheering and hugging Rocky, and feeling so good – and so humbled – by the fact that so many of you took the time to voice your choice. To be labeled The Best Lawyer in Nashville: what an honor!

All lawyers are not created equal.  Being voted the best by Middle Tennesseans really matters. That’s why our newest campaign celebrates our win, letting everyone know that “Best Matters.”  To preface the “Best Matters” commercial rolling out on broadcast television on January 18, 2016 there will be approximately 18 billboards across Nashville, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Lebanon, and Hendersonville.  In addition, you might see one of our 65 bus benches sprinkled across the Nashville area.   To make this exciting movement fun and rewarding for our fans who have signed up for our regular email blasts throughout the year, Rocky will be personally sending out an exclusive email on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 announcing special details on how two lucky fans can win free T-shirts and up to $150 in gift cards!  If you haven’t signed up yet, signup here!

“Best Matters” lets everybody know that real everyday folks out there believe in the power of the Rocky Law Firm and the edge our “Gladiators in Suits” give our clients over other firms. When you’re talking about your future, i.e., how you’re going to get the care you need, how you’re going to keep putting food on your table and keep the lights on when you’re not working:  you don’t want just any lawyer— you need the best lawyer.

What Makes Us the Best?

You want the lawyer who goes above and beyond, fights the longest and the hardest. Not a lawyer that just wants to wrap up your case with less work for less money and get paid, but a lawyer who is passionate about your well-being and passionate about what they do. You need the honest and no-nonsense representation of our straight-shooting attorneys, who have been making headlines and changing lives with precedent setting verdicts and settlements for 16 years.

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm we have the foresight to understand your future needs and the skill and industry experience to fight for the maximum for your injuries.   We take time with our clients and value their opinions. They always have the final say.  That’s why we have the highest level of client satisfaction ratings across the board.

The Best Guidance and Support Staff

Our dedicated trial lawyers have brought home millions for our clients in and out of the courtroom.  We have an honest, smart, and diligent legal support team ready and waiting to give your case their very best.  We answer and return phone calls promptly and supply our clients with routine updates and information during each phase of the litigation process.

The Best Technology to Fight in Your Corner

We have the best new in-house technology to support our staff and make things more efficient for our clients.  We also have a team of in-house trial technology experts who assist during depositions and trials, illuminating and illustrating important parts of testimony and case facts for the jury.  Our thoughtful preparedness and trial experience gives our clients’ an edge in the courtroom against big insurance company lawyers.

Experience the Difference: Choose RML to Fight for You

Experience. Resources. Skills. Passion. At RML, we don’t settle for anything less – and you won’t have to either. Our Gladiators in Suits have spent more than a decade fighting aggressively and tirelessly on behalf of those who cannot fight for themselves. We have secured millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements from the insurance companies who put their profits ahead of your health and well-being. Our firm has been the go-to source for news reporters around Tennessee who wanted to hear the truth from a person they can trust. And over the years, we have heard from the people we’ve helped on just how much our work has meant to them.

You told us we’re the best: let us show you what that means by allowing us to guide you to the future you deserve.

The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is proud to serve clients throughout Tennessee, Kentucky, and even folks from all over the United States. You can find one of our skilled personal injury attorneys in our Nashville, Hendersonville, or at our Knoxville offices, ready and able to take up the fight on your behalf. Please contact us if you are hurt; we can help.