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Rocky Sponsors Hendersonville Scholarship Memorial Golf Tourney to Help the Giving Nature of Young Client Live On

The Schultz family had to endure one of the worst things in life: losing their child.  In 2014, their son Tyler Schultz, 24, and two others were killed in a catastrophic wreck near the Center Point Road Exit on Vietnam Veterans Parkway in Hendersonville.

The case was very complicated and more emotionally taxing than most auto wreck cases, not only because Schultz’s family was having to pave a legal course of action to protect themselves in the wake of losing their son but also because of the sheer number of lives and family involved in sorting through the tragedy.

“My only child passed away in a car wreck and I hired Rocky to represent me in a wrongful death suit. I could not have made it through everything if Rocky had not been so kind, caring, compassionate, and sensitive to what I was going through. Honestly, before I met Rocky and his team of wonderful people, I assumed with him being a trial attorney that he would be just a person in a suit that didn’t really care about me, my family and what we have gone through. Much to my surprise, Rocky was much more than I ever expected. He made what was the most difficult thing I had ever gone through manageable. He walked beside me the entire time through the process and always followed through. He helped us understand why legal action was needed in order to get the justice and protect my son’s good name.” Tyler’s Mother, Michelle Schultz

The Schultz family is eternally grateful for Rocky’s guidance in helping navigate their claim on their son’s behalf; and Rocky is forever touched by the Schultz family and others like them who have allowed him to lead them out of the darkness of terrible circumstances like these.

In celebrating Tyler’s loving and giving nature, his parents have set up a Scholarship fund: The Tyler Alexander Schultz Memorial Scholarship Fund.  “Tyler was a senior at MTSU majoring in Psychology with a dual minor in Psychology and Sociology.  Our Intention is to award this scholarship to a rising Junior or Senior in this field,” as stated on the website.

Rocky McElhaney has signed on to be an official sponsor of the 3rd Annual Tyler Schultz Scholarship Golf Tournament Held at Country Hills Golf Course on June 26 where 100% of the proceeds will go directly toward the scholarship.  For More information on getting involved with the scholarship fund or how to donate, visit:

The death of a loved one is always difficult to deal with, even more so when it is unexpected.  Navigating the laws regarding the proceeds of a wrongful death claim can make the process even more trying.  It is not something you need to go through alone.  Representing the families of people who have been killed as the result of a car wreck, a defective product, or medical malpractice is what we do here at Rocky Law Firm.   We make sure that responsible parties pay for their actions (or in-actions), and also help our clients understand the rules about how the proceeds must be divided.  If you or someone you know has lost a family member, give us a call.  Don’t settle for less. (615) 425-2500.