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A Tribute to Rocky McElhaney Law Firm Executive Director, Dena Gibson, a 2016 Association of Legal Administrators Inductee

Our leaders aren’t just on the front lines and in the courtroom fighting for justice against insurance companies and big corporations.

They’re not always the ones who get those tearful hugs from our clients when the Judge reads the verdict that’s going to finally set things right again.

They’re not always the deposition dominating, legalese-spewing, hardball-playing, tough negotiators you picture.

They’re not always ”gladiators in suits.”

Sometimes, they’re “gladiators in flats and a comfy sweater” buried under piles of paperwork dealing with the challenging task of operating a successful law firm.

Sometimes, they’re unexpectedly on the phone with Quickbooks 2 hours after closing time once or twice a week, trouble-shooting a “technical issue” because they want to make sure a client gets their settlement check when we told them it would be ready.

Sometimes, they’re the voice you hear on the phone when you first call us, but the person you’ll never get to see.  There the person that has agonized to the point of tears over every detail of your case.  The person that has ensured that every motion to the court is perfectly scripted, every detail of your injuries and medical expenses in correspondence to the opposing counsel is accounted for, every possible has been call made, and everything in place and on pace with no stone left unturned.   Why?  Because they know your pain.  They know your story.  They know that you couldn’t pay the mortgage last month because you can’t work since your wreck.  They know how vulnerable you are and how much you’re trusting Rocky Law Firm to make things better again.  They’re not just working your case like it’s yours — their fighting your case like it’s theirs.

Sometimes, they’re picking up another team member with a flat tire so they can get to work on time even though they live on the other side of town.

They are our humble servants and our natural borne leaders.  They do the interviewing.  They do the hiring.  They do the payroll.  They do the training.  They keep the books straight.  They open cases. They close cases. They keep the lights on.  They keep the grass cut and the flowers blooming. They manage the calendars.  They keep the team happy.  They keep Rocky happy.   They have been here long enough to be a lawyer and know what a lawyer knows, could be a lawyer, should be a lawyer but instead they’ve made the very conscious choice to be behind the scenes.

At many offices this kind of leadership workload and responsibility would be spread out across many individuals, so understandably, you might think that I’m still talking about a group of people — a legion of lesser known leaders here at RML if you will.  But it is actually only one leader who carries this load with inexplicable grace and spirit, her name is Dena Gibson, our executive director and office manager-extraordinaire.  Truly, there is no title we could give her that fully embraces the scope of what she does, how she inspires, how she sacrifices, and how she leads.

This month Dena was inducted into the Association of Legal Administrators, a network of elite professionals who serve to provide support through sharing and educating each other on their best law management practices ensuring their members are well equipped with the skills necessary to manage any situation that may arise.  The Association also charged with keeping its members on top of cutting-edge advancements in management and leadership products and services to assist them in continuing to best serve their clients and their practice. ALA identifies and provides solutions to the most strategic and operational challenges its members and customers face today, while preparing them for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. 

Dena, who is still a few years shy of 30, is one of the youngest members to ever be invited to join this prestigious group of individuals.  Thus confirming what we already know to be true, Dena Gibson is a natural-borne rock star.  She may not be out there on the stage with Rocky and the rest of RML’s legal leaders, but she’s always running the show.

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm

Dena Gibson (far right)  and Penny McElhaney (center) at Dena’s 10 year anniversary celebration of her loyalty, service, and dedication to the Rocky Mcelhaney Law Firm and its clients (2016)

Our clients can rest easy knowing that we have a good team of leaders here.  Our lawyers are incredibly talented and aggressive and we’ve got the most dedicated, bend-over backwards-for-you, down-to-Earth legal support staff that you won’t find at any law firm anywhere but here.  If you or a loved one has been injured because of a person’s or company’s negligence, call the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm.  We’ll provide you with honest answers, compassionate support, and a legal team that feels more like a family than a law office.  You can also rest easy knowing that we always fight for the maximum recovery.  We fight for justice.  We fight for you.  Don’t settle for less.  (615) 425-2500   

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