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I’ve Hired You to Represent Me in My Workers’ Compensation Case; Now What?

As your lawyer in your workers’ compensation case, we’re gonna take over talking to the adjuster. We’re gonna take over talking to the nurse case manager, and we’re gonna take over handling your claim. You are now free to worry about getting better and getting back to work. Our paralegal will be assigned, and she’ll start gathering your relevant medical records and medical bills. If necessary, we’ll interview witnesses, we’ll talk to your doctor and we’ll get affidavits. We’ll start putting together the evidence we need to make sure your case is considered a compensable injury, and that you get the maximum recovery available under workers’ compensation law in Tennessee.

You have hired the right law firm. No attorney in Tennessee has done more for or fought harder for injured workers than we have. Contact the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm today by filling out our contact form, or by calling 615-425-2500. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Nashville, Hendersonville and Knoxville are ready, willing and able to fight for you and your future.