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What Is an IME, and Why Do I Have to Go?

If you’ve been injured at work in Tennessee and you hire our law firm, we may ask you to go to an IME. IME stands for Independent Medical Examination. We do that when we think it’s necessary to get a second opinion on your impairment rating connected to your case.

Once you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, your treating doctor will assign an impairment rating under the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition. (We call it the purple book.) We own two copies of that book in my office and we understand it as good as the doctors do. If we evaluate and study your impairment rating assigned by your physician and we think it is not correct, we will send you to an Independent Medical Examination for a second opinion. This is an important process that could and often does increase the value of your workers’ compensation settlement. If you’ve been injured at work in Tennessee and you want lawyers that know how to get it done, reach out to me at or call us today at 615-425-2500. We’re proud to fight for injured workers throughout Tennessee. Call us in Nashville, Hendersonville or Knoxville today for your free initial consultation.



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