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Rocky McElhaney Law Firm Named to Best Places to Work for the 6th Time!

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is thrilled to announce that we have been named to the Nashville Business Journal's 2020 Best Places to Work for the sixth time in a row! We are over the moon to have been selected once again.

The Best Places to Work award “recognizes companies in Middle Tennessee that strive to maintain a work-life balance, have fun and have a great team mentality.” This year’s sponsor, Hire Dynamics, asked for nominations from the public, and then sent a survey (created by Quantum Workplace) to the nominees’ employees to fill out. That survey identified six (6) key areas of engagement: trust in leaders, communications and resources, individual needs, personal engagement, team dynamics, and manager effectiveness.

To be eligible for the award, a company’s branch offices have to be located in one or more of the 10 counties that make up the greater Nashville area, and the company must have at least 10 employees. Companies which have won for 10 consecutive years will be inducted in the “Best Places to Work 10 Year Hall of Fame.”

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is THE best place to work in Nashville

This award in particular means a lot to us, and especially to Rocky: since he opened his doors, he has always strived to be the best employer, because good leaders foster great teams. He believes that the culture of a firm starts with respect, dignity, integrity, and understanding at the top, because true leaders model those traits in everything they do.

That is why Rocky has always offered comprehensive healthcare benefits that cover paid maternity and paternity leave, and long-term disability, as well as almost 4 weeks of additional paid vacation, annual bonuses and a matching 401(k), and employee perks like memberships at local fitness centers. All of this comes on top of the multiple team events he sponsors to remind us all that we are family, and we come first.

But this year things are a little different. Nashville suffered its first blow with devastating tornadoes that ripped through the state in early March. It’s second blow came five days afterwards, when Mayor John Cooper announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen our beloved city shut down, piece-by-piece, leading to a shelter-in-place order only about two weeks ago.

In these uncertain times, Rocky McElhaney is showing us all what true leadership looks like. Not only were we able to move into a remote setting almost immediately, to ensure the safety and healthy of our clients and our team, but Rocky did what so many other companies are unable to do: he’s kept us working. None of us have to worry about whether we would keep our jobs, or be able to visit a doctor if we get sick. We know that if we need time to care for loved ones, we can do it. He offers us the safety and security we need, and urges us to take care of our mental health as much as our physical needs.

If you want to know why Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is the best place to work in Nashville, you only have to look at how hard he works to protect us in uncertain times, and the steps and sacrifices he is willing to make to ensure that we are safe – and that our clients are able to reach us when they need us in a way that ensures they’re safe, too.

We are thrilled to have won the 2020 Nashville Business Journal’s Best Places to Work award; we’re humbled to have won it 6 times in a row. But in these uncertain times, we’re also grateful to have another family to lean on, and the security so many others are terrified they could lose. This year, perhaps more than any other year, we are thankful for Rocky, for one another, and for all of the Nashville community who continues to support us.

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