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Amusement Park Ride Injury Lawsuits

Feeling lucky to be alive in Madison, Wisconsin, 13 year old, Trevor Larson and his family are now breathing a thankful sigh of relief. On Thursday July 10, 2015, Dru Larson was filming his son who had just took a seat and belted into a ride called the “Catapult” at Mt. Olympus Amusement Park in…

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How To Stop Your Vehicle From Hydroplaning

If you’ve ever went pale and white-knuckled as you suddenly felt your vehicle lift off the pavement and become amphibious for a few moments during a downpour, you’ve just experienced the phenomenon known as hydroplaning.  If it was only for a second or two you may have been able to keep control of your vehicle…

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What is a meaningful return to work, and what does that mean for my case?

Under current Tennessee workers’ compensation law one of the biggest factors in determining how much money an injured worker receives for a disability award is whether the worker made “a meaningful return to work”.  While other factors, such as impairment rating and compensation rate are important, if an injured worker has not made a meaningful…

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