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My Work Comp Doctor Released Me…Now What?

Nashville workers' compensation lawyers

One of the many questions that I get asked frequently by workers’ compensation clients is “what happens when (or now that) I am released by the doctor?” What should my attorney do for me once I’m released at Maximum Medical Improvement? Here at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, when you get released at Maximum Medical Improvement…

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Rocky McElhaney Honored in Nashville Post’s Annual InCharge Leaders Issue

On March 2, Nashville Post Leaders magazine, the city’s foremost news source for business and politics, named Rocky McElhaney to their annual InCharge list. This hand-picked hot list honors a compendium of Middle Tennessee’s top business trailblazers, civic innovators and trendsetting companies directing growth across the mid-state. Thursday night’s list announcement culminated in a reception…

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iCompare Trial:  Unethical Work-Hour Limit Study Being Performed at Hospitals Putting Patients and Doctors at Risk

…Shhhhh it’s just putting everyone at risk, no one has to know. Fueled by greed and profits, the most recent attempt by the healthcare and insurance lobby has berthed a new egregiously unethical study that forces physician residents at 63 randomly chosen hospital facilities across the country to participate in a trial which pushes them…

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The Secret to Being the Best Lawyer: Aspiring Attorney, Navy Veteran, Student, and Family Man Writes MTSU Essay on Rocky McElhaney

The essay below was written by Dennis Peña, a 10 year active duty Navy Veteran and family man, who is currently attending MTSU as a freshmen.  Dennis is interested in becoming a lawyer so he sought out Rocky McElhaney, “The Best Lawyer” in Nashville, to find out what it takes—and what it takes to set yourself apart. …

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Tennessee Senate Says “No Guns Allowed” Signs Can Hurt People Too- and Businesses Who Post Them Will Be Held Responsible For Injury-Related Incidents

Guns, gun rights, gun safety, and really any discussion about the role of firearms in our society have become a bit of a “third rail” topic in recent years.  While we here at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm will keep our personal stances and politics to ourselves, there is an important issue in the news right…

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Should Prescription Drugs be Advertised Directly to Consumers?

Did you know that Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical drug advertising is banned in all other countries except the United States, New Zealand and Canada? The US makes up 5% of the world’s population but accounts for 42% of global prescription drug spending. Coincidence?  I think not.  Catchy and memorable prescription drug television ads targeting consumers have…

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The Real Road Warriors:  TDOT’s “Big Yellow” HELP Program’s Incident Responders to the Rescue!

Often under-publicized and under-appreciated, TDOT’s Highway Incident Response Unit, is one of Tennessee’s most dangerous and heroic public service professions.  Here are some interesting facts about our state’s courageous, road-wise wranglers.   Who are They?  Established in 2000, these heavily trained highway responders (who, as a requirement, are also certified as emergency medical “First Responders”) fall…

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