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"When I was a teenager, Dad got hurt. Insurance company wouldn't pay. We lost our house. But, Dad got a lawyer and we got justice. That's the moment I decided to become an attorney. As a lawyer, I have dedicated my life to helping injury victims."

~ Rocky

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With multiple offices in Nashville & throughout Tennessee, our injury attorneys protect your future

If you have suffered a serious personal injury or a loved one has been killed due to the negligence of others, you need a personal injury law firm you can trust to protect your interests and demand justice from those responsible. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm: Car Accident & Injury Lawyers, that's what you get: a team of experienced, dedicated Nashville personal injury lawyers who won't back down when your future is on the line.

Big enough to win your case,
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Injury attorneys outpacing, outperforming, and overpowering the competition

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm: Car Accident & Injury Lawyers provides injured victims in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee with experienced representation when they have been hurt. By focusing exclusively on the injured, our Nashville personal injury lawyers have been able to build a reputation for fierce advocacy and extensive knowledge of the laws. Our personal injury attorneys fight to ensure that your rights are upheld and that the person or persons responsible for your injuries or illness are held accountable for their actions. Contact us for a free consultation and to learn more about our legal services and how we can help with personal injury cases involving:

The lawyers you trust after an auto accident in Tennessee

There are few circumstances more frightening - or frustrating - than auto accidents. Our Nashville personal injury attorneys are known throughout the state of Tennessee as being some of the fiercest, most aggressive litigators around. We've built a reputation for obtaining large verdicts and settlements for car accident injury victims in Tennessee. Our injury attorneys in Nashville, TN fight for justice for victims of:

  • Auto accidents. If you were injured in a car accident, Rocky McElhaney Law Firm knows what to do. Our Nashville personal injury law firm handles complex claims involving everything from single-car crashes, multi-car pileups, ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyftpedestrians and bicyclists. Our car accident lawyers file a personal injury lawsuit, deal with your insurance company, help you get a rental car and work hand-in-hand with your doctors to collect and document the evidence we need to build a successful case for you.
  • Truck accidents. When you've been in an accident with an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer, you're going to need some help. These massive vehicles pose a lot of problems to passenger cars on the road, namely because they cannot maneuver quickly or stop on a dime when there's a problem. Whether the truck itself was defective, the driver committed an error or something else was responsible for your collision, our skilled Nashville personal injury attorneys can help.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Tennessee has some of the greatest roads in the country for riding a motorcycle. Unfortunately, our drivers share the rest of the country's propensity for ignoring bikers while on the road. A motorcycle accident is always serious, because riders don't have the same kinds of protections that car and truck drivers do. After a serious motorcycle accident, let Rocky McElhaney Law Firm uphold your rights and protect your future.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Pedestrian accidents can cause especially serious injury due to the lack of protection for those on foot. Our experienced Nashville, TN injury lawyers understand the unique challenges these cases present and are dedicated to ensuring that pedestrian accident victims receive the compensation they deserve. Whether the accident involved a distracted driver, a failure to yield, or any other form of negligence, we are here to fight for your rights and help you recover.
  • Bicycle accidents. Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road, facing risks from distracted drivers, poor road conditions, and even defective bike parts. When a bicyclist is struck by a vehicle, the injuries can be severe and life-altering. Our experienced injury attorneys in Nashville, TN are dedicated to ensuring that injured cyclists receive the compensation they need to recover and move forward with their lives.
  • Airplane accidents and train accidents. Thank goodness that airplane and train accidents are rare, because they are potentially devastating. Our team of mass transit accident lawyers are familiar with the rules and regulations which govern air and train travel and understand what kind of uphill battle you face when you don't have the right representation. Let us shoulder that burden for you.
  • ATV and watercraft accidents. A day on the water or out on the trails can be a lot of fun, but an act of negligence or a defective part can lead to truly catastrophic injuries. ATVs are prone to rolling, leading to crushing injuries. Boating accidents pose a special risk of drowning. If you or a loved one was hurt on an ATV, UTV, boat, Wave Runner, or any type of motorized vehicle, we can help.

No matter what kind of motor vehicle accident you have endured, there is an accident injury attorney at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm who knows what to do. Our personal injury law firm in Nashville, TN represents auto accident victims throughout the state. Put our personal injury lawyers in Davidson County on your team to fight for your future.

Aggressive Nashville personal injury representation after a car,
truck, or vehicle accident

There were 192,914 vehicle accidents in Tennessee in 2021, resulting in 46,971 injuries and 1,321 deaths. Each of those injuries and tragic losses affects more than just the victims: entire families' lives are turned upside down. They're going to need fighters in their corner.

You can find those fighters at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm. Our Nashville injury lawyers fight for families who are faced with an uncertain future. We battle the insurance companies and will take your case to trial when that's the best option for you. We'll file a personal injury claim and fight to make sure you have access to the care and treatment you need. We’ll fight to ensure that the people and companies responsible for your injuries are held accountable. You don't have to do this alone. After a wreck, get a personal injury attorney on your side.

Protecting Tennessee families' futures
after the loss of a family member or loved one

The unexpected loss of a love one can be devastating. Learning that their death could have been prevented can trigger a range of strong emotions. It can also lead to a lot of questions: How will I keep my home? How will I raise my kids? What do I do about the medical bills? What will my future hold?

Our Nashville injury attorneys have worked with families throughout Tennessee who are still grieving. We know that no amount of money is going to make up for the loss of your loved one, but a wrongful death claim is as much about accountability, and ensuring that the negligent party is held responsible for his or her actions, as it is about ensuring that you do not lose everything because of someone's behavior. Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is here to help you file your wrongful death claim. Focus on your family, and let us focus on the fight.

Nashville injury lawyers fighting for victims
of sexual assault and abuse

According to, 6,106 Tennesseans were victims of sexual assault in 2019 – and that number only accounts for reported assaults, rapes, and abuse. There could be many, many more victims out there. If you are a sexual assault or abuse survivor, Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is here to help you take back control. Under Tennessee law, you have the right to file a civil claim against your abuser or attacker and demand damages. You can file this lawsuit even if there are no criminal charges filed or if the criminal case does not go the way you hoped it would.

We know this is a delicate subject, and that many victims can be retraumatized by the treatment they receive. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we make you this solemn promise: we are on your side. We treat you with dignity and compassion, and offer a safe space in which to discuss your assault with a female or male attorney. The time limits for these cases can be short, though victims who are minors are given more time before the statute of limitations runs out; let us help you.

Additional services from our experienced team of Nashville injury lawyers

When someone else's actions – or inaction – causes you serious injury, the civil justice system is here to help you hold the liable parties accountable. Our injury attorneys in Nashville are here to help you file a personal injury claim and fight for the best possible outcome for your case. We handle all manner of injury claims, including:

Our Tennessee personal injury law firm fights for justice for those who need it most. We know that a serious medical condition or catastrophic personal injury can lead to more than just pain and suffering: it can cost you everything. When debt collectors are badgering you day and night with letters and robo-calls, or when the medical expenses and other bills are piling up so fast that you may be in danger of losing your home, a Nashville personal injury lawyer from Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is by your side to give you strength and help you fight back.

Nashville personal injury lawyers

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm: Car Accident & Injury Lawyers

Lead attorney Rocky McElhaney knows how difficult life can be for families undergoing one of these ordeals. When he was young, his father suffered a broken back at work and was denied workers' compensation benefits. His family lost their home trying to pay his father's medical bills and was forced out onto the street. Rocky never forgot how hard it was to watch his father struggle to get the benefits he was entitled to receive, and he dedicated his life to making sure that families never have to suffer the indignities that he had to endure.

Rocky is now a premier personal injury trial attorney in Nashville, and has secured multiple million-dollar settlements and jury verdicts for his injured clients throughout Tennessee. Rocky has been named the "Best Attorney in Nashville" by the Nashville Scene for 9 consecutive years from 2014-2023. He works tirelessly to provide every person who walks through his door with top-notch legal services as well as the respect and results he or she deserves. He has assembled a team that represents the evolution of the legal profession - young, innovative and highly educated legal professionals who use cutting-edge technology to prepare the best possible cases for our clients.

Our Nashville personal injury lawyers are known for using computer animation and accident reconstruction to present visually compelling arguments for juries and judges at trial. We also routinely work with experts in medicine, economics, accounting and forensic evidence to dissect our opponents' cases and get the maximum results at settlement and at trial.

Rocky fights for you when you need it most

Facing an uphill battle? Get a Gladiator on your side! Call Rocky at 615-425-2500 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free initial consultation. From our law offices in Nashville, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro and Clarksville, the personal injury lawyers of Rocky McElhaney Law Firm: Car Accident & Injury Lawyers represent clients throughout the state of Tennessee, including Knoxville, Clarksville, Memphis, Hendersonville, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga, and Kingsport.

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