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Our Results

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Results

Verdicts & Settlements

We fight hard for our clients. Our results speak for themselves.

Below we've listed just a handful of the verdicts and settlements we've earned for our clients.

We have successfully tried hundreds of state and federal cases across Tennessee, securing millions of dollars for victims of auto accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, child injury cases, and personal injury. How do we do it?

Unlike most lawyers, we prepare every case with the level of attention and detail necessary were the case to go to trial. Our success is due to this comprehensive level of preparation combined with expert legal knowledge and experience; superior negotiating skills; and our relentless pursuit of justice for our clients. When defendants refuse to settle or fail to offer the right amount, our lawyers are ready and willing to pursue the maximum compensation available at trial.

Personal injury

  • $4,500,000 TRIAL COURT JUDGMENT in a dram shop / liquor liability case against two bars located in Nashville on 2nd Avenue. Our clients were a family of three from Cincinnati, Ohio who were traveling through Nashville on I-65 North. They were hit head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the interstate. The drunk driver had been over-served alcohol or served when he was obviously intoxicated at the two Nashville bars. The injuries were devastating and life-long. In addition to the trial court judgement, we were able to force the drunk driver’s insurance company to pay the maximum amount allowed by the driver's policy, and he was convicted of aggravated vehicular assault.
  • $4,000,000 SETTLEMENT for a construction worker client who suffered life-threatening and life-changing burns in an industrial work site explosion. During private mediation, we brought in some of the nation's leading experts on the subject and were able to negotiate a $4M out-of-court settlement for our client.
  • $2,000,000 SETTLEMENT for a client who sustained life-threatening injuries after being thrown from a vehicle. Our client had a fractured neck, de-gloved scalp, rib fractures, lacerated liver, partial loss of ear, and other injuries requiring multiple surgical procedures. We were able to secure a $2M settlement for the physical injuries and psychological trauma our client suffered due to the incident.
  • $1,638,561 JURY VERDICT for the widow and family of a man who was struck and killed while using a cross-walk in the Hillsboro Village area of Nashville. The award was for the family’s loss of the love and guidance of the husband and father as well as the economic value of his expected remaining work life.
  • $1,044,594 TRIAL VERDICT for a Nashville Metro firefighter who suffered a career-ending low back injury when an EMT violated safety protocols and improperly lifted the patient during load-in to a transport. Our client later underwent spinal fusion and right shoulder surgery. Our client, a life-long first responder, was forced to retire due to the injury and is now on Social Security Disability. The verdict included $600,000 in lost past and future earnings that Rocky secured when he brought in a college professor of economics for expert witness testimony.
  • $940,000 SETTLEMENT SHORTLY AFTER MEDIATION for a 65 year old Kentucky woman who suffered a broken neck and thoracic spine injury in a zip lining accident in Tennessee. 
  • $800,000 SETTLEMENT for an 18-year-old client who suffered a broken femur when a negligent driver ran a red light and slammed her large SUV into the driver's side of our client’s car.  Our client underwent multiple surgeries and was left with emotional as well as physical scars from this traumatic event and long recovery period.
  • $740,000 SETTLEMENT for an active and independent 85-year-old who broke her pelvis and hips, developing permanent bladder incontinence, as the result of an amusement ride accident.
  • $700,000 MAXIMUM ALLOWED RECOVERY against Dickson County Sheriff’s Office for two men tragically injured and the family of a woman killed as the result of a negligent police chase. The sheriff’s deputy wrongfully and dangerously engaged in high speed pursuit of a car because the officer saw the driver flick a cigarette out the window. At speeds approaching 100 mph, the officer chased the car for miles before the fleeing vehicle struck another car head on, catastrophically injuring the two innocent men in that car and killing the suspect’s passenger. The claims for our clients were brought under the Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act (or “GTLA”) which limits payments from governments in Tennessee to a maximum of $700,000 per incident.
  • $500,000 TRIAL JUDGMENT for 40-year-old Maryville, Blount County man who was severely injured when he was intentionally hit by a construction co-worker with a concrete rake and knocked into a 6-foot-deep ditch. The criminal attack resulted in a conviction for aggravated assault. RML’s client underwent emergency surgery for a broken elbow and torn ligaments, missed half a year of work and has a scar on his arm. The judgment was comprised of $250,000 to compensate for the harms and losses caused by the injury and $250,000 for punitive damages to punish the criminal and deter others from intentionally hurting people.
  • $425,000 SETTLEMENT for a client who was injured on the job when he stepped on an unsecured board and injured his back.  A personal injury claim was pursued because the injury was caused by workers of a company separate from the client’s employer.  The client had to undergo spinal surgery, and the injury caused the client to miss more than a year of work.
  • $275,000 SETTLEMENT for a client who was injured when the client’s wheelchair was not properly secured by the employee of the company providing a transport van. The client fell backwards off the wheelchair lift sustaining a significant head injury.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for handy man seriously burned where he was working in basement fire explosion caused by fumes from a dangerous product spreading to the ignited gas water heater. Client suffered burns to his arms, chest, back and legs. He incurred over $1,000,000 in medical bills at Vanderbilt Burn Unit. Rocky had fire origin expert from Alabama and an industry leading liability expert from New York. Case was against the seller of the product for negligence.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for construction worker paralyzed when a boom truck he was operating turned over at a construction site in Bellevue area of Nashville and he was struck in the head by the crashing crane. Case was against the lessor of the truck for failing to comply with industry safety standards.

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Auto and tractor-trailer accidents

  • $2,600,000 TRUCKING SETTLEMENT before trial for a Tennessee Department of Transportation worker who was slammed into on Interstate 24 Eastbound by a speeding tractor-trailer truck, whose driver lost control in a curve and ran off the roadway. The TDOT worker had only moments before impact to get back into his truck after unclogging a drain in the gore area of the interstate; otherwise, he would have been killed. The man underwent neck fusion surgery and was unable to return to work, forced into early retirement and onto Social Security Disability (all of which we fought for) by his physical limitations and resulting depression.
  • $2,000,000 SETTLEMENT for client who suffered multiple orthopedic injuries and required multiple extensive surgeries in auto accident with a commercial vehicle in Middle Tennessee.
  • $1,950,000 MILLION SETTLEMENT for Texas lady who was walking across the road in Lebanon, Tennessee with the traffic control device when a dump truck made a negligent right-hand turn of Exit 238 on Interstate 40, and hit her in the street. The woman was pinned under the truck and dragged down the road. Her left leg was traumatically amputated in the crash. Her injuries were caused by the commercial vehicle driver’s failure to yield the right of way to the pedestrian.
  • $1,687,774 ARBITRATION VERDICT for widow whose husband was tragically killed and her 13-year-old grandson who was badly injured in a highway accident in Greene County, Tennessee. The Bronco the victims were driving southbound on Interstate 81 was rear-ended by a speeding Suburban, causing the Bronco to leave the roadway and flip several times. The 74-year-old driver died in the wreck and the little boy suffered a permanent facial scar as a result of a severe cut that required multiple plastic surgeries. The arbitration, conducted under a special Tennessee law, was against the insurance carrier for the Bronco for underinsured coverage. The liability insurance carrier on the Suburban agreed to pay its $500,000 maximum limits of coverage before the hearing.
  • $1,500,000 SETTLEMENT for a young actress injured when the van she was riding in on I-40 West was hit from behind by a speeding tractor-trailer. Client had numerous broken bones and fractures. Medical bills were $174,000.00.
  • $1,500,000 UNINSURED MOTORIST INSURANCE POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for our client who suffered life-threatening and permanent injuries which required extensive surgeries and physical rehabilitation. The client was unable to return to their previous work.
  • $1,475,000 PRE-SUIT SETTLEMENT for the family of a Madison man who was hit and killed by a drunk driver with a history of drug and alcohol abuse.  Drive was charged with vehicular homicide.  The deceased man left behind a widow and an adult child with Down’s Syndrome. Part of the settlement will find care for the son for the rest of his life. The settlement includes payment of insurance policy limits and $200,000 from the drunk driver above that. Most lawyers don’t fight for the additional payment.
  • $1,250,000 SETTLEMENT AFTER THREE MEDIATIONS for a 56 year old female TDOT roadside worker who was hit and severely injured by an out-of-state tracker trailer driver who violated Tennessee’s “move over” law on I-40 West in Cheatam County. The trucker should have merged to the inside lane because of the presence of the workers. Instead, he stayed in the right-hand lane, lost control and left the roadway, striking the workers and their trucks. Our client underwent two low back fusion surgeries and was unable to return the work.  The resolution was reached when Rocky refused to take less at two prior mediations. The settlement includes policy limits from insurance and a payment of $375,000 extra from the pocket of the big trucking company.
  • $1,125,000 SETTLEMENT at mediation for Dickson County, Tennessee man who was hit in an intersection by a construction truck that ran a red light. The man suffered a traumatic brain injury and was unable to continue working in a job using his Masters level education. He now works at a golf course part-time. He was able to pay off his land and buy a new tractor with some of the settlement proceeds. Rocky McElhaney Law Firm assisted the injured man with using a portion of the money to fund a life annuity contract which will pay him $1,260 per month for the rest of his life.
  • $1,110,365.41 TRIAL COURT VERDICT for a client involved in a T-bone car wreck.  Our client was struck on the driver’s side by a car running a red light. The at-fault driver refused to take responsibility. Our client required neck and shoulder surgeries and retained severe permanent disability.  Our client’s post-injury limitations forced him into early retirement. The trial verdict included $92,000 in actual lost wages, $116,000 in lost future earnings, and $150,000 in medical bills in addition to compensation for pain and suffering and permanent injury.
  • $1,000,000 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for sweet 60-year-old administrative assistant severely injured in a side-swipe accident Orlando, Florida. The driver of the company car who hit our client was talking on the phone, not paying attention and had his dog in the front seat with him. The wreck caused a low back injury described as an L5-S1 posterior herniation, resulting in moderate stenosis which displaced the left S1 nerve root. The lady underwent two complex low back surgeries, including lumbar fusion with pedicle screw instrumentation. She was unable to return to her regular job.
  • $1,000,000 POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for a couple who were injured when a semi-truck ran a red light and smashed into their vehicle as they were proceeding through an intersection. Several months following the collision, one of our clients died as a result of the injuries sustained during the wreck.
  • $1,000,000 MEDIATED SETTLEMENT for Maury County, Tennessee family who were injured when a truck pulling a goose neck trailer ahead of them on Interstate 40 lost control and hit their vehicle. Both the truck driver and the company that repaired the trailer were defendants.
  • $1,000,000 SETTLEMENT for a client who was side-swiped on her way to work in central Florida.  Our client suffered lower back injuries that caused pain and numbness that radiated down her legs.  Our client underwent a lower back fusion that ultimately helped her get back to work and take back her life.  The defendant driver denied liability to the end and claimed that our client came into his lane, but we were able to prove that the defendant was on his cell phone at the time of the crash and ultimately responsible.
  • $900,000 TRUCKING SETTLEMENT for two clients who were struck from behind by a semi-truck on I-24. The semi-truck driver was not paying attention to the traffic ahead. Our clients where treated at a local emergency room and then taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center for more specialized care. One client eventually had to undergo kyphoplasty procedures as a result of her fractured vertebra. The other client had multiple rib fractures and was hospitalized for an extended period at Vanderbilt for numerous health concerns.
  • $800,000 SETTLEMENT for the family of a 70-year-old construction worker who was killed after being run over by a truck driven by another worker on the job site who was picking up traffic cones to remove a lane closure.  The case presented several challenges including an allegation of comparative fault against the decedent for being in the roadway.  During private mediation, we were able to negotiate a settlement to take into account the family’s loss of their father’s love and wisdom as well as the economic value of his remaining work life.
  • $800,000 POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for a 71-year-old woman who was a passenger in a vehicle which rear-ended a disabled dump truck. The truck was broken down on an unlit road, and the dump truck driver didn’t do anything to alert drivers that the truck was there. We were able to secure the maximum insurance compensation available for our client.
  • $800,000 POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for a couple from Tennessee, who sustained critical injuries when a tractor-trailer hit them. Our clients were proceeding through an intersection when the tractor-trailer ran a red light, crashing into them. Tragically, one of our clients died from complications arising from that accident months later.
  • $800,000 SETTLEMENT for a 60-year-old healthcare administrator from Hendersonville who was hit by a semi-truck as she was driving to work in Nashville on a rainy day. The tractor-trailer crossed into her lane of traffic and collided with her. She suffered head and neck injuries as a result of the collision.
  • $750,000 MEDIATED SETTLEMENT for Vanderbilt professor who was hit head on by a construction foreman driving a construction pick-up truck in Nashville, Tennessee. The professor was on his way to teach, and the construction worker was on his way home after working multiple straight 15 hour shifts to repair a bridge on I-40 West in Davidson County. The wreck caused a left tibial plateau fracture, which was surgically repaired by open reduction and internal fixation.
  • $750,000 SETTLEMENT for 52-year-old female born with cerebral palsy who was injured in a one-car accident when she was riding in a disability transport van. The driver of the van almost rear-ended another vehicle, slammed on the brakes, swerved violently, throwing the passenger out of her seat and into the back of the driver’s seat in front of her. In addition to careless driving, the driver failed to safely secure the passenger’s seatbelt. The lady suffered severe spinal injuries requiring back surgery and chronic pain management, all of which impacted her quality of life and independence.
  • $675,000 SETTLEMENT for mother who suffered severe talus bone fracture in her foot, and for her 4-year-old daughter who suffered permanent scar over her right eye, when they were hit by a drunk driver at 9:30 in the morning while on their way to make Christmas cookies. They were referred to RML by Mom’s orthopedic surgeon, who was familiar with the work and results of Rocky’s talented team.
  • $600,000 SETTLEMENT for sweet retired lady whose SUV was crashed into by a company truck while out running errands with her husband. The commercial driver was distracted looking at his GPS and tried to make an illegal U-Turn. Our client underwent neck fusion surgery at C4-C5 because of myelopathy.
  • $500,000 SETTLEMENT for 70 year old Sumner County, Tennessee woman who was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle on her way to work. The client had to have neck surgery. The lady still loves Elvis and met the superstar legend in Las Vegas in 1974.
  • $500,000 SETTLEMENT for 62-year-old lady who suffered bilateral ankle fractures and a lacerated liver when a negligent hospital executive turned left in front of the client causing a serious auto crash. Client spent four weeks in rehab hospital and had $84,000 in medical expenses.
  • $475,000 SETTLEMENT AT THE PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE for a Georgia lady injured in an interstate wreck outside Waverly, Tennessee in Humphreys County caused by a truck driver for a New York trucking company on his way back from a delivery to Texas. The case involved the trucking industry niche of “drive-away service.” The trucking company claimed the driver, who was in a personal vehicle, was not an employee who it was responsible for on the return trip from Texas. This case changed the way national insurance companies write insurance for “drive-away” trucking services. The elderly client suffered several broken bones and a mild brain injury caused by a subarachnoid hemorrhage. She underwent months of cognitive and physical rehabilitation. She used some of the proceeds to pay off her modest mobile home in rural North Georgia.
  • $450,000 SETTLEMENT for HVAC supervisor who sustained ACL tear and fracture of the knee when a teenage driver ran a stop sign and hit the company pickup truck. Client had $40,000 in medical bills and lost wages. Insurance for the negligent teenager and underinsurance on the company truck paid money toward the settlement.
  • $265,000 SETTLEMENT for young lady who was forced to get married on a walker because, as a passenger, she received a compound femur fracture in a one vehicle wreck in Missouri just weeks before her wedding day.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT THE NIGHT BEFORE TRIAL for 21-year-old college junior hit head on by a commercial truck near the Governor’s Mansion in South Nashville. The young coed aspired to become a lawyer and work in politics in Washington, D.C. In the wreck, she suffered a severe concussion which developed into post-concussion syndrome, cognitive difficulties, and loss of executive brain function. Despite vocational and cognitive rehab, the client was vocationally unable to pursue graduate level study, thus unable to reach her dreams. The commercial defendant and its lawyers denied responsibility and blamed the young lady for causing the wreck. Rocky fought very hard for this young lady, including investing significant resources in the retention of nine expert witnesses. The experts included an accident re-constructionist, a board-certified neuropsychologist, a board-certified rehabilitation counselor, a board-certified psychiatrist, a board-certified neurologist, a nationally recognized lifetime medical expense planner, a nationally known economist, and a neurologist and orthopedic surgeon from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The girl’s future medical needs were projected to cost over $135,000 and her lost earnings were projected at over $1.8 million. The case settled at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday evening before the jury was empaneled the following Monday morning.

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Motorcycle accidents

  • $2,500,000 VERDICT for a rider against an intoxicated driver. Client was riding down Gallatin Pike when the Defendant recklessly swerved into oncoming traffic striking our client. The client sustained serious injuries including a pelvic fracture and collapsed lung. The Defendant was sentenced to 90 days in jail. Verdict compromised of both compensatory and punitive damages.
  • $1,275,000 POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT BEFORE LAWSUIT for a young man hit by a car while riding on his motorcycle which left him paralyzed. Rocky and his team found three different liability insurance policies covering the reckless driver and made them all pay their full amounts.
  • $875,000 PRE-TRIAL SETTLEMENT for rider hit by a turning car on I-65 in Williamson County, Tennessee. The investigating police officer determined that the motorcycle rider was at fault for causing the crash. The crash report and what the rider said happened were completely opposite. Totally believing his client, Rocky worked tirelessly to vindicate the rider and prove that his life-threatening injuries and five surgeries were the fault of the driver that wrongfully turned in front of the motorcycle.
  • $600,000 SETTLEMENT AFTER MEDIATION for biker hit by a commercial driver turning left in front the motorcycle, failing to yield the right of way. The rider suffered a a patellofemur fracture which required extensive surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
  • POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for Nashville semi-professional football player who was injured when a car pulled out in front of his motorcycle. He was treated at the Vanderbilt Trauma Unit and incurred over $70,000 in medical expenses.
  • CONFIDENTIAL POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for Madison man injured on his way to work at 6:30 in the morning when a car ran a red light at the intersection of Hendersonville Road and Myatt Drive in Rivergate. The client suffered a serious broken leg and other orthopedic injuries.

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Workers’ compensation

The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of workers’ compensation cases, ranging from less severe trigger finger and sprain injuries to catastrophic injuries resulting in paraplegia and debilitating orthopedic conditions. Over the years, settlements and judgments have ranged from $2,500 to $790,000. Each workers’ compensation case is different and is based on its unique facts and the law that applies to that case. The results below are some of our most memorable successes. However, RML has handled much smaller cases for injuries to the hands, wrists, arms, elbows, shoulder, neck, back, hips, knees, ankles, toes, fingers and mental conditions resulting from on-the-job injuries as well.

  • $3,500,000 RECOVERY for dozens of General Motors workers, collectively, from the Spring Hill, Tennessee manufacturing facility who were permitted to re-open old claims and receive additional payments when GM filed bankruptcy as a part of the Auto Bailout in 2009. Rocky recognized the bankruptcy court reorganization of GM was a triggering event for workers’ compensation reconsiderations. He filed a test case and won the trial in Bedford County on summary judgment – before a full trial. General Motors lawyers appealed the issue to the Tennessee Supreme Court which upheld the victory, paving the way for all eligible workers to receive additional benefits.
  • $790,115 TRIAL COURT JUDGMENT in February 2011 for injured General Motors worker who was given a permanent restriction from her orthopedic surgeon of no use of the right arm. Judgment will pay the worker until she reaches age 67.
  • $764,854 TOTAL RECOVERY in a case where a State employee slipped on ice walking to work from parking lot and tragically passed away due to head trauma. The State denied the claim entirely until Rocky and Steve pressed the state with supportive medical records and caselaw. The recovery represents medical bills, burial expenses, and survivor benefits to be paid over time to the worker’s widow.
  • $627,505  SETTLEMENT for a correctional facility worker who suffered multiple injuries when he was assaulted by juveniles while at work.  Our client’s compensation carrier denied medical care, and we fought constantly for his medical treatment.  He was unable to return to any work.  The settlement represents the maximum payable for this worker.
  • $535,000 TRIAL COURT JUDGMENT for construction worker severely burned in an industrial explosion at Glenn Springs Holdings in Columbia, Tennessee. The award is a maximum award for this worker.
  • $464,725  SETTLEMENT for a client whose glove caught and was pulled into a machine he was operating at his job.  Both shoulders were injured, and he had to have the hand amputated.  Due to his permanent restrictions, he was unable to return to any work.  The settlement represented the maximum payable in a lump sum to the worker and included free medical care for his injuries for the rest of his life.
  • $395,000 TRIAL VERDICT for Tennessee Department of Transportation worker who injured his back on the job and was not able to return to work because of his restrictions. The Tennessee Claims Commission found the worker to be permanently and totally disabled and awarded the maximum recovery available to the injured man under Tennessee law.
  • $391,000 SETTLEMENT plus Social Security in January 2012 for female worker who injured her low back performing automobile assembly work for General Motors in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The treatment for the injury including a series of epidural steroid injections which caused a rare complication called arachnoiditis. The injured worker was unable to return to work for any employer. Because of previous injuries, the State of Tennessee Second Injury Fund contributed $106,000 to the settlement in addition to the $285,000 in lump sum paid by GM. The worker will have free medical care for the injury for the rest of her life. In addition to the workers compensation award, RML assisted the worker in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits which required a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.
  • $370,000 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for injured air craft assembler in Nashville, Tennessee who suffered a severe low back injury which precluded him from returning to work for his pre-injury employer.
  • $323,575.26 DEATH BENEFIT SETTLEMENT for the minor dependent of a Terminix employee who died in a car wreck while working.  The insurance carrier disputed a lump sum payment, seeking to pay benefits weekly over the next 10+ years. The lump sum payment allows the mother of the child to wisely invest the money to provide a larger benefit for the child than would be realized through periodic payments.
  • $316,500 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for a 47-year-old mechanic who injured his thoracic spine while lifting buckets of hydraulic oil. Following the surgery to his thoracic spine, the injured worker had significant complaints of continued pain and issues in his extremities. The injured worker was not able to return back to work. The employer fiercely contended that the injured worker’s continued complaints of neuropathy and issues in his extremities were not related to the work-place injury. Rocky and Justin took many depositions of the experts involved and were able to get the employer to finally pay up just a week before trial. After achieving the significant settlement for the injured worker, Justin also represented him in his claim for Social Security Disability benefits, which they successfully obtained.
  • $300,800 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for injured General Motors worker who suffered a traumatic crush injury amputation of her left pinky finger. The injury resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder and an exacerbation of pre-existing depression which left the Columbia, Tennessee wife and mother unable to return to work at General Motors. General Motors denied the mental aspect of the claim and refused to pay compensation until Rocky took expert depositions and proved the claim for the worker
  • $310,000 SETTLEMENT for a 52-year-old General Motors auto work who lived in Alabama. She injured her lower back and neck when she fell at work. She had stenosis in her cervical spine which required surgery. After extensive treatment and multiple surgeries on her cervical spine, the client attempted to return to assembly line work. However, she was unable to perform her job and was forced to retire. Rocky and Justin brought in several key experts whose opinions helped obtain a significant settlement.
  • $295,000 SETTLEMENT for a 52-year-old General Motors auto worker who injured her left knee and right shoulder in two separate but close in time events while performing her strenuous work. Justin and Rocky retained several experts who testified on the injured worker’s behalf.  Due the extent of her injuries, the injured worker was not able to return back to work for General Motors. Further, the vocational expert opined that the injure worker was not going to return to any substantial employment. The parties settled based on just over 93% industry disability.
  • $275,000 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for a mine worker who was injured when she was just 30 years old. The injured worker had to have surgery to her neck and lower back. She had continued complaints and issues related to her spine following the surgeries. The employer fought compensability of the claim until they paid up just before trial. The settlement was for more than 100% permanent partial disability benefits. The employer also agreed to pay for the surgeries and other past medical treatment, along with future medical treatment related to her injuries.

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Premises liability

  • $525,000 FEDERAL JURY VERDICT against Wal-Mart for Antioch mother who slipped in water on the floor and twisted her knee when she went to buy food for her son’s school lunch. The twist caused tearing in the knee which lead to multiple surgeries and a permanent limp. The jury found Wal-Mart failed to clean up the water. After assessing 90% fault to Wal-Mart and 10% fault to the shopper, the final recovery for our client was $472,500.
  • $450,000 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for apartment complex resident who slipped and fell down defective stairway that was not well maintained. Our client broke her ankle and had to have multiple extensive surgeries.
  • $419,157 JURY VERDICT against Suburban Lodge in favor of a woman who was injured on a defective and dangerous disability assessable ramp at the hotel. The proof at trial established that the ramp violated Metro codes and was dangerous and defective. The injured lady suffered a fractured ankle and underwent knee surgery. The judgment will help the injured woman receive future medical care that her doctor testified she would need as a result of her injuries.
  • $300,000 SETTLEMENT for lady who slipped on slick entry way tile at a fast food restaurant in Hendersonville and broke her ankle. She required surgery with insertion of a metal a plate and screws.
  • $250,000 SETTLEMENT at mediation for 92-year-old widow and grandmother who broke her hip when she slipped and fell at a pizza restaurant in Hendersonville, Tennessee because the franchise failed to remove water from a tile floor near the self-serve drink station. The elderly lady had an extended stay in a rehabilitation hospital, developed blood clots and was unable to enjoy many of the activities she did before her injury. She used some of the settlement proceeds to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to Hawaii.
  • $220,000 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for injured West Virginia man against national hotel chain based upon injuries to his wrist and shoulder when he fell in oily and standing water in the handicap accessible parking spaces. The Plaintiff alleged that the hotel was negligent in the design and maintenance of the disability accessible parking spaces, including inadequate drainage and negligent maintenance.

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Nursing home abuse

  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for family of a woman who died as a result of pressure sores (decubitus ulcers) which developed during improper and poor care in a Coffee County nursing home.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for family of a 91-year-old lady who was dropped during a transfer and suffered a broken femur. After surgery to repair the broken femur, the patient died. The transfer was done improperly and against the written procedures and protocols established by a Nashville-based nursing home.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for daughters of a 54-year-old nursing home resident who developed pressure sores because of negligent care rendered by the nursing home. After several surgeries to cut away rotting tissue, the patient passed away as a result of complications due to the pressure sores.

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Child injuries

  • CONFIDENTIAL SETTLEMENT FOR CHILD RAPE VICTIM against an upscale apartment complex whose maintenance employee molested and sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl resident. The apartment complex management team were made aware by other resident complaints of inappropriate contact by the employee and the child including touching in the pool and being caught alone with the child in an apartment the employee was supposed to paint. Management failed to tell the mother or take steps to protect the child. The little girl’s settlement proceeds were placed into a special trust account and will, justly, pay her millions of dollars over lifetime.
  • $490,000 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for East Tennessee brothers, ages 9 and 12, who were passengers in a small SUV being driven by their grandfather which was rear-ended on Interstate 81 in Greene County, Tennessee by a Chevrolet Suburban going 78 miles per hour immediately prior to impact. The bothers were life-flighted to Johnson City, Tennessee for trauma services. Their grandfather was killed. The driver of the Suburban denied responsibility for the rear-end collision by blaming the grandfather for not having lights on his vehicle as he drove down the interstate at night. Rocky and his team hired the nation’s leading accident reconstruction expert to prove that the lights were on. After that, the case settled for maximum insurance limits available from the driver of the Suburban. Rocky McElhaney Law Firm assisted the family in placing the settlement proceeds for the minor children into a trust which is projected to produce $490,000 or more for the brothers.
  • $245,925 OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for 5-year-old little boy from Murfreesboro who was struck by a construction dump truck while he played in his family’s driveway. The little boy was life-flighted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he was treated in the trauma unit. He ultimately made a full recovery but incurred medical expenses of approximately $50,000. RML assisted the family in placing the policy limit settlement proceeds for the minor child into a structured settlement which will pay guaranteed benefits to the child of $245,925.89.
  • POLICY LIMITS SETTLEMENT for 7-year-old boy who was in a severe motor vehicle collision which took the life of his grandmother. RML assisted the family in placing the net settlement proceeds into a structured settlement which will provide needed financial assistance to the little boy in the future.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT against restaurant franchise when a 6-month-old child suffered burns to his hand when the waitress placed hot mashed potatoes in front of the baby.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT for 11-year-old Bedford County pre-teen boy who was struck by a construction vehicle as he rode his bicycle in the street. RML assisted the family in placing the net settlement proceeds for the minor into a structured settlement which will go tax free and provide substantial benefits to the minor including college education funding.
  • CONFIDENTIAL OUT-OF-COURT SETTLEMENT against restaurant franchise because a waitress negligently spilled hot coffee on a 9-month-old child causing second degree burns.

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Let Rocky fight for you and your family.

Call Rocky at 615-425-2500 or contact the firm online to schedule an initial consultation. From our offices on world famous Music Row in Nashville, the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm represents clients throughout the state of Tennessee, including Knoxville, Memphis, Hendersonville, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Chattanooga and Kingsport.