What Is Sami’s Law?

Sami's Law

As the popularity and usage of rideshare apps soar, we are learning more and more about the risks and dangers such a service can pose. Convenient as they may be, not as many passengers reach their destinations unscathed — or even at all — as apps like Uber and Lyft would have you believe. This…

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Nashville Athletes May Get Workers’ Compensation, Too

athlete workers comp

Not every job is a safe, boring routine. Not every job is safe, period. Occupational hazards are everywhere, in pretty much every field in some form or another. Certain jobs are especially prevalent with accident potential. This is why workers’ compensation exists. If you’re employed and get hurt on the job, you’re potentially eligible to…

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The Court Got It Wrong in This Case Against the Diocese

Court Got It Wrong in This Case Against the Diocese

Religious organizations are meant to be safe, comforting spaces we can turn to in times of need. For the most part, they are — but not always. Just like any other organization, they are run by normal people, who are privy to their own agendas and morals. We should be able to trust that these…

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It’s Time for Tesla to Admit Its Cars Are Dangerous

Tesla cars dangerous

Corporations create a vast majority of the products we use every day. This is nothing new. From our cell phones to the vehicles we drive, corporations provide. Here’s the thing, though: they do not provide SELFLESSLY. At the end of the day, they want to make as much money as possible, and they are willing…

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Can This Software Help Reduce Commercial Truck Accidents?

Can This Software Help Reduce Commercial Truck Accidents

Technology firm Idelic recently announced a new product designed to help commercial truck fleets negotiate lower insurance rates. By gathering and analyzing data from its various safety software programs, Idelic can identify high-risk drivers. Fleet managers will be able to provide proper intervention and coaching. This caught our attention, as a successful implementation of this…

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My Workers’ Compensation Case Did Not Settle at BRC. What’s Next?

Also known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution, a Benefit Review Conference (BRC) is a type of informal event designed to settle a workers’ compensation dispute. Such conferences can be requested by either party, i.e. the employee or employer/ insurance company, to dispute a workers’ compensation denial or approval, respectively. If you are a Nashville, TN…

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