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Tennessee Issues Emergency Funds to Assist Needy Families During COVID Crisis

Tennessee Releases Emergency TANF Funds for Needy Families

The Tennessee Department of Human Services will be issuing Emergency Pandemic Tennessee Assistance for Needy Families (commonly referred to as TANF), which is an emergency cash assistance program for those impacted by COVID-19. Emergency Pandemic TANF will utilize existing temporary assistance for needy families (TANF) funds. To qualify, a family must: Have children in the…

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Chloroquine: An Unapproved Treatment of Coronavirus Causes Death

Chloroquine Unapproved Drug for Coronavirus Causes Death

Please be advised:  As of March 25, 2020, there is no drug that has been proven in its ability to safely and effectively treat COVID-19.   Yesterday, an older Arizona couple misinterpreted press briefings about promising clinical testing of several drugs in the fight against COVID-19 as a greenlight to self-administer one of those drugs to…

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How Civil Justice Lobby Day in Nashville Affects You

My colleague Justin Hight and I spent our day yesterday at the legislature doing what we do best – fighting for our fellow Tennesseans. As board members of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association, we and other TTLA members met with numerous legislators to voice our concerns about a recently filed bill which proposes to change…

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My Child Is Being Bullied. What Can I Do?

Bullying in Nashville

My Child Is Being Bullied. What Can I Do? As parents, we do everything we can to keep our kids safe. We also know there are times when we have to let our kids fight their own battles. However, when it comes to bullying, there is no question: parents  have the right and the responsibility…

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Revisiting Traumatic Brain Injury and the Risk of Dementia

Millions of people are affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI). This type of injury occurs when the head is impacted by an outside force that causes the brain to move inside of the skull, causing negative effects on the brain’s ability to function properly. According to the CDC, although the age-adjusted hospitalization rates for TBI…

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