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Why Trucks Are Dangerous While They’re Turning

Turning Truck Accidents

Trucks are dangerous enough when they travel in a straight line. Controlling a truck is even more difficult during a turn. They’re big and bulky, and their blind spots are large. This is why so many commercial drivers are required to have a special license to operate trucks; they need to be safe, and other…

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What Are My Rights if I’m Hurt While Driving for Uber or Lyft?

Injured Driving for Uber Lyft

Most discussions about Uber and Lyft accidents involve injuries to the rideshare passengers, and injuries caused by a rideshare driver. The reality, though, is that many Uber and Lyft drivers are injured on a regular basis, too, and some may die as a result of those injuries. The rights of rideshare drivers vary depending on…

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What Are the Leading Causes of Wrongful Death for Teenagers?

Teenage Injuries and Death Causes

Discussing fatality rates in children and adolescents isn’t an easy conversation, but the more you know about the risks, the more able you are to prepare and protect your family from dangerous situations. Teenagers are in a risk category all by themselves; they’re beginning to experience the world as independent people without the benefit of…

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What Kinds of Brain Injuries Are Caused by Medical Malpractice?

Brain Damage Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a complex topic because it can refer to many different scenarios. However, each of those scenarios has at least one thing in common; a mistake was made that could have been prevented with a more experienced professional or closer attention to detail. In other words, malpractice occurs when medical professionals are negligent…

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Can I Get a Lump-Sum Settlement for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Lump Sum Workers Compensation Settlement

Once an injured or ill worker reaches maximum medical improvement, a worker can consider a lump sum settlement. Maximum medical improvement is the time when additional medical treatments are not likely to improve your health – though additional treatments can keep your health stable. Workers should not seek to settle their work injury claim before…

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How Hospitals Use Lien Laws to Prey on Accident Victims

How Hospitals Use Lien Laws to Prey on Accident Victims

After physically treating victims of serious accidents, some hospitals follow up with a vicious debt collecting practice that preys on the livelihood of the very same patients they previously saved. The practice of using lien laws is over 100 years old, and dates to a time when less than 10% of Americans had health insurance.…

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Despite Safety Measures, Workers Keep Getting Injured at Amazon

Warehouse worker injury Amazon

Amazon has some major stepping up to do when it comes to mitigating on-the-job injuries. As one of the top employers of warehouse workers in the U.S., the numbers for serious workplace injuries are disheartening to say the least. For 2020, the Strategic Organizing Center reported that for every 100 Amazon warehouse workers, 5.9 suffered…

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Why Truck Accidents Cause Such Catastrophic Injuries

Truck Accident Injury

When big trucks and small cars meet, the results are never good. For the sake of perspective, the difference in mass between big rigs and passenger vehicles is about the same difference between an average adult male and a newborn infant. More specifically, if a fully loaded big rig were scaled down to around 200lbs,…

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