Chief Operations Officer

Phone: (615) 915-6311
[email protected]



Grounded in her faith and family, Dena Gibson is the glue that holds RML together.  Since she has put up with Rocky longer than any other team member – ever – she was rewarded, or as she describes it, saddled, with the Office Manager title in September 2012 when the law firm moved to its Music Row headquarters.

Dena is the tireless mastermind behind monumental office pranks and legendary shenanigans.  She is known to occasionally break out in song and dance. Of course, she is the office choreographer – typically moves from N’Sync which she calls the “greatest band of all time.”  When not running the whole show at RML, she likes to spend quiet time watching movies, reading books and hanging with her awesome husband Zach and loyal dog Kodiak – or is it loyal husband and awesome dog? Either way.

On a more serious note, Dena leads the office with grace and dignity.  She sets the highest moral standards and expects that all firm decisions be guided by one universal question, “What is the right thing to do?”