RML Attorney, Hunter Higdon and Paralegal, Leisa Nelson just settled an auto wreck case for our client for $125,000!  Our client was hit head on when driving to work by a man who crossed the median into his lane of travel.  The client suffered a broken leg and compression fractures in his back.  The defendant’s auto insurance policy limits were $100,000 but the dynamic duo was able to get the defendant to personally pay an additional $25,000, despite his attorney constantly saying he couldn’t pay.

Getting a defendant to personally chalk up money for causing harm to others on the roadway is typically unheard of because most individuals do not have a financial reservoir or enough available assets for a plaintiff to seek a recovery from in the first place.  This is why it is the law in Tennessee and many other states for all drivers to have an auto insurance policy as it provides an avenue of financial recovery should there be a wreck that injuries another person.  But Hunter and Leisa were able really dig in their heels and bring the heat on opposing counsel and the defendant in order to make this additional lump sum possible.  Needless to say, our client is very happy with the result!

Getting the Health Insurance Providers to Play Ball

Sit tight- because the fight isn’t over just yet!  In Tennessee, an individual’s health insurance has the right to subrogation, or to be paid back for any benefits they’ve paid out to a person’s medical providers due to the negligence of another.  By law, this right is owed to them out of any personal injury settlement an injured victim may receive.  Many times, health insurance companies and providers are willing to negotiate for far less than what was paid.  For an attorney, negotiating medical bills down for each client takes time, skill, experience, and familiarity with different providers, but not doing it can potentially take hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of deserving clients.

Since a lawyer’s fee is generally taken off the top of any financial recovery received, many law firms skip this step since they don’t stand to gain anything financially from putting in the extra time to reduce those costs for their clients.

Why Choosing RML is a Game Changer

This is just one of the ways Rocky McElhaney Law Firm goes the extra mile in truly fighting for our clients, their best interests and their future.  We understand the difference every dollar makes to the folks we represent.  We believe that if there’s a way that our client’s could possibly have more money back in their pockets at the end of their case, then by gosh, we want them to have every bit of it!

After we’ve fought hard for the maximum settlement or verdict in your case, we start that fight all over again and go to work negotiating with health insurance providers to reduce your medical bills.  It’s something we will always do for our client’s at RML because it is the right thing to do.

Hunter and Leisa are more than ready for what’s ahead and proud to take on this next battle for their client in order to get him the highest recovery possible!

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car, truck, motorcycle wreck, or been the victim of a bicycle accident or pedestrian accident, Rocky Law Firm is here to help!  Let our experienced, dedicated and aggressive lawyers handle talking to the insurance companies and fighting for a fair recovery so that you can focus on healing and getting back to your life.  We fight for the maximum for your injuries.  We fight for justice.  We fight for you.  Don’t settle for less.  Call today (615)425-2500.