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Mar 27, 2017

Why Traumatic Brain Injuries are Especially Dangerous for Children

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Traumatic brain injuries can kill children or cause them to live completely altered lives. A traumatic brain injury (TBI), is caused by a forceful impact to the brain or skull. Common causes include motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, sports injuries, explosions, and violent acts. A TBI can cause long-term physical problems, including headaches, vision… Read More

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    Breaking Recall:  Check Your EpiPen Batch Numbers Immediately!

Mar 24, 2017

Breaking Recall:  Check Your EpiPen Batch Numbers Immediately!

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An EpiPen from one of four potentially deadly batches of Mylan auto-injectors could be in your child’s backpack or in your home right now.  Please take action to ensure you’re protected! A defect in the same adrenaline auto-injectors used to counter severe allergic reactions in those who suffer allergies to food, medications and insect stings… Read More

Mar 24, 2017

Underride Truck Crashes Kill and Cause Catastrophic Injuries

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Most underride crashes involve a passenger car sliding under a tractor trailer or the rear of a large truck. The car slides continue until the windshield or dashboard becomes part of the slide – often shearing off part of the car and killing or severely injuring the occupants in the car. According to the Insurance… Read More

Mar 22, 2017

Types of Accidents and Events that Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a bump, jolt, or blow to the head. Open head TBIs are caused by direct penetration of the skull, such as by a bullet wound. Closed head TBIs are normally due to a collision, a fall, or an incident involving a hard object striking a blow against the… Read More

Mar 20, 2017

Safety First: Sports and Traumatic Brain Injury

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The notion that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are confined to professional football players is just plain wrong. Many of the athletes who suffer these life-altering injuries are participating in school sports, college athletics, and community leagues. That is why it is so important for parents, players and coaches to educate themselves about brain injuries: the… Read More

Mar 17, 2017

Know the Dangers of Jackknife Truck Accidents in Tennessee

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A jackknife truck accident is one of the most terrifying types of truck accidents. In a jackknife accident, the cab and trailer fold in on each other forming a 90-degree angle. The hinging effect is comparable to a pocketknife blade folding into its handle. When a tractor-trailer jackknifes, the truck can spread across the road,… Read More

Mar 15, 2017

Head-on Collisions Cause Devastating Injuries and Death

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Head-on collisions are one of the worst types of auto accidents. They frequently involve vehicles traveling at high speeds. The force of head-on crashes often causes death to both drivers and any passengers. Head-on collisions almost always result from driver negligence of some sort, such as driving the wrong way down a one-way street or… Read More

  • Attorneys Jill Draughon and Ali Toll of the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm
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    Rocky Law Adds Two New Experienced Litigators to the Firm:  Jill Draughon and Ali Toll

Mar 14, 2017

Rocky Law Adds Two New Experienced Litigators to the Firm:  Jill Draughon and Ali Toll

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At Rocky Law Firm, our wheels never stop turning.  Without losing sight of our heart or our mission, we are constantly moving towards becoming a bigger and better law firm as we recruit only the very best and brightest legal talent to fight for our deserving clients.  We are pleased to announce that this tradition… Read More

Mar 13, 2017

Dangers of Cellphone Usage and Texting While Driving in Tennessee

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Smartphones and cellphones are used ubiquitously by Tennessee drivers of all ages. Mobile devices are great for communicating schedules, telling directions, and checking on driving conditions. Sadly, though, too many drivers don’t understand that mobile devices should only be used when the driver is not operating the vehicle. The statistics about driver distraction accidents caused… Read More

Mar 11, 2017

Cornerstones of Success- Nashville Post InCharge Leader Rocky McElhaney Shares his Wealth of Wisdom

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Statewide powerhouse injury attorney shares building blocks on the eve of grand expansion Article as seen in Nashville Post’s 2017 InCharge Leaders Issue With a bustling Music Row law office, a brick and mortar slated for development in Knoxville, and a 12,500 square foot state-of-art complex in Hendersonville set to open its doors in May, seasoned… Read More