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Sep 18, 2014

RML Gets Dogmatic About Dog Bite Safety: Good Things to Teach Your Kids

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Some folks are better around strange dogs than others.  It seems like they just have the touch that soothes even the most unwilling savage beast into a puppy-like trance.  Then there are some folks (you know who you are) who are better off walking the other way as they naturally repel and irritate animals for… Read More

Sep 16, 2014

What NOT to Say to When Reporting Your Accident to the Insurance Company

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We always recommend that you speak with a lawyer first before you ever give any statements or information to an insurance adjuster after a car, truck or motorcycle wreck. Intrusive insurance adjusters will try to bend your words and low-ball you into an early settlement that is sure to be much less than you deserve.… Read More

Sep 15, 2014

Coming to Blows with the Reality of Your Loved Ones Traumatic Brain Injury and Tips for Coping

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) present differently in each victim as you can read in our previous blog on brain injury symptoms.  It can be extremely difficult to watch and to deal with the changes that can occur in both a loved one’s personality as well changes in their ability to function as they once did.  … Read More

Sep 12, 2014

Brain Injury 101: Don’t Let That Bump on the Head Be the Death of You

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You might be surprised to learn that people who have suffered a brain injury don’t always experience immediate symptoms.   A brain injury can be sustained during a traumatic event and not reveal itself until several weeks and in a small percentage of cases, years later.  Trauma to the head, neck or spinal cord can appear to… Read More

Sep 10, 2014

Utilization Review: The Wrench in the Machine of a Speedy Recovery, or Not?

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For seemingly no reason at all, employers and/or your employer’s insurance carrier can decide to stop paying for treatment which was ordered by your authorized treating physician.  Even if things have been going along smoothly while undergoing your approved treatment,  out of nowhere you might receive a letter in the mail containing these two scary… Read More

Sep 4, 2014

What Does Age Discrimination Look Like?

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Attorneys Rocky McElhaney and Matt Zenner filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Nashville Fire Department for age discrimination and harassment. 62 year old Veteran Firefighter, Deputy Chief, Danny Yates has faithfully served the Metro Nashville Fire Department for 39 years.  Being the highest ranking official with the most seniority meant little to former Fire… Read More

Sep 3, 2014

Despite the Storm of New Work Comp Reform RML’s Beacon of Hope Grows Brighter

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Former Tennessee Department of Labor leader joins RML to continue the firm’s commitment to injury victims and spearhead a statewide expansion On July 1, 2014, new workers’ compensation laws and regulations which favor Tennessee employers over injured workers and their families went into effect. Rocky has called the cut-backs “barbaric” as they rob injured workers… Read More

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    Vote Rocky McElhaney for “Best Lawyer” in the 2014 Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville Issue

Aug 29, 2014

Vote Rocky McElhaney for “Best Lawyer” in the 2014 Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville Issue

By |Aug 29, 2014|"Best of" Issue- Nashville Scene, 2014 Best of Nashville, 2014 Best of Nashville Voting, Accident, Accidents, Big Business, Case Worth, East Tennessee Lawyer, Nashville Attorney, Nashville Scene, Nashville Scene Best of Nashville, Nashvillians, Neglience, personal injury, Premises Liability, Product Liability, Rocky McElhaney, Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, Serious Injuries, Tennessee Law, Tennessee Lawyer, workers compensation, Workers' Rights, Wrongful Death|0 Comments|

Nashville Scene Magazine’s Best of Nashville voting is here again.  Please exercise your right to vote for Nashville’s most awesome and most deserving people, places and things and VOTE “ROCKY MCELHANEY” for “BEST ATTORNEY” under the Home, Goods and Services category on page two of the ballot. You can access the link to take the… Read More

Aug 27, 2014

Don’t Give the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the Cold Shoulder: RML Sees Goodness in Philanthropic Trends

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Never before in the history of human beings has it been so popular to take a pounding from several gallons of freezing cold ice water while being videotaped for the entire world to see.  Critics have called the challenge a blight on philanthropy and a true-blue example of modern day “slacktivism;” a literary term used to… Read More

Aug 25, 2014

Spanning the Globe To Right Wrongs and Deliver Justice

By |Aug 25, 2014|About RML, Accident, Accidents, Amputate, Attorney, Bowling Green Lawyer, car accidents, car insurance, car wreck, Catastrophic Injury, Chattanooga Lawyer, Chokehold, Cincinnati Lawyer, Dayton Ohio Lawyer, Drunk Driver, East Tennessee Lawyer, Emergency Room, Emergency Surgery, Flight Attendant Injury, Franklin County Lawyer, Hit by a Drunk Driver, Kennessaw Lawyer, Knoxville Lawyer, Lafayette County Lawyer, Lawsuit, Lawyer, Lebanon Tennessee Lawyer, Lexington Missouri Lawyer, Liability, litigation, Lynnville Tennessee Lawyer, Marshall County Lawyer, McGhee Tyson Airport, Mediation, Memphis Lawyer, Mississippi Lawyer, Morristown Lawyer, Morristown Tennessee, Nashville Lawyer, Ohio Lawyer, On-the-job Injury, Police Brutality, Settlement, Social Security, Tennessee Lawyer, Texas, Texas Lawyer, Toronto Lawyer, Trauma, Vanderbilt Hospital, Verdicts, Work Comp, workers compensation, Wrongful Death|0 Comments|

From our headquarters here on Music Row in Nashville, over the last few months, Rocky and his hard-working team of Gladiators in Suits have been crisscrossing Tennessee and the Southeast to represent injured folks in all types of cases. Here is a snapshot of the faces we have helped, the places we have been and… Read More

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