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What You Should Know About Boating Accidents

Boat Accident Injury

There is nothing quite as nice as heading out onto Percy Priest Lake on a warm, clear day. The gentle waves rocking the boat, the sun shining down over head, the air fresh and clean. However, as with any vehicle, we need to be cautious when operating a boat. Boats can seem secure (after all,…

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We Warned You SUVs Were Deadly

SUV Accident

SUVs are proving to be as dangerous as we predicted. While they may look nice and be fun to drive, the truth is that they are proving to be a great risk especially to pedestrians. With a larger hood and wide A-frames, these large and heavy vehicles reduce visibility for the driver, increasing the risk…

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How Dangerous Are Nashville’s Party Bike Tours?

Nashville party bike injury

Party bikes are popular with tourists in Nashville, and why shouldn’t they be? It’s a mode of transportation and exercise that’s fun because there’s drinks and friends and sights to see all at the same time. We don’t want to scare away our visitors, as we want everyone to see the beauty and charm of…

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What Are the Dangers of Jackknifing Trucks?

Truck Jackknife Accident Injury

Trucks and 18-wheelers are common sights on the road, but they are dangerous. With their large, unwieldy, and heavy trailers, truck drivers must operate their vehicles in different ways than the average sized car. Truck drivers have to stop sooner, make wider turns, and be aware of their increased blind spots. If one wrong thing…

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