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Despite Safety Measures, Workers Keep Getting Injured at Amazon

Warehouse worker injury Amazon

Amazon has some major stepping up to do when it comes to mitigating on-the-job injuries. As one of the top employers of warehouse workers in the U.S., the numbers for serious workplace injuries are disheartening to say the least. For 2020, the Strategic Organizing Center reported that for every 100 Amazon warehouse workers, 5.9 suffered…

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Why Truck Accidents Cause Such Catastrophic Injuries

Truck Accident Injury

When big trucks and small cars meet, the results are never good. For the sake of perspective, the difference in mass between big rigs and passenger vehicles is about the same difference between an average adult male and a newborn infant. More specifically, if a fully loaded big rig were scaled down to around 200lbs,…

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How Do You Know if Your Child Suffers a Brain Injury?

Child Head and Brain Injuries

Kids say the darndest things. Young children seem to have a knack for picking up the smallest details and repeating them at the worst possible time. Often, it’s a simple misunderstanding – kids just don’t have the communication skills to say exactly what they mean and don’t understand the power of language. Unfortunately, this can…

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Congratulations, Kennedei Harris, on Being the 2021 Recipient of the Max McElhaney Memorial Educational Scholarship!

Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is thrilled to introduce Kennedei Harris, our 2021 recipient of the Max McElhaney Memorial Educational Scholarship! We had an extraordinary group of candidates to choose from this year, but Kennedei burst through like a ray of sunshine. Kennedei’s start to 2020 was everything she had hoped for: a loving and supportive…

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Why Are Burns a Serious Medical Condition?

Burn Injury Nashville TN

Everyone has accidentally touched a hot stove (or oven, or pan, or kettle), and even those minor burn injuries can be really painful! When it comes to major burn injuries or burns that cover a large percentage of the body, there can be major consequences that affect every part of your life in ways you…

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