My Workers’ Compensation Case Did Not Settle at BRC. What’s Next?

Also known as an Alternative Dispute Resolution, a Benefit Review Conference (BRC) is a type of informal event designed to settle a workers’ compensation dispute. Such conferences can be requested by either party, i.e. the employee or employer/ insurance company, to dispute a workers’ compensation denial or approval, respectively. If you are a Nashville, TN…

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What Does It Mean if Several Law Firms Turn Down My Case?

Law Firm Turned Down My Case

Whatever it is that has caused you to seek legal representation is likely already causing you stress. A car accident, an assault, a case of medical malpractice – no matter what it is, you deserve a professional who will take up your case and fight for you. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a…

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What Is Liquor Liability, or Dram Shop?

When accidents happen on Nashville roads, the primary defendant is typically the driver of the automobile that struck your car, your truck, your motorcycle, your bicycle, or you. The owners of the vehicle may also be liable. Other defendants such as trucking companies, employers, and the Tennessee Department of Transportation may be liable as well.…

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Why You Should Seek Compensation for Your PTSD

PTSD Car Accident

We often hear about PTSD in the context of war veterans or those who are survivors of abusive parents or partners; and when we hear of car crashes, we think of broken bones and brain injuries. However, people can suffer from PTSD after experiencing any traumatic event, and that includes traffic accidents. While physical injuries…

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