Controversy over the best motorcycle helmet has raged for years. Some riders swear by certain brands and standards, while others wouldn’t be caught dead in those helmets. However, all of the standards and brands on the market today are based on outmoded and outdated ideas. Bell, a manufacturer of helmets and safety apparel, has just changed the game.

A brief history

Racing helmets are blend of fashion and function. They need to be lightweight and breathable, but still protect a rider from high-speed impacts. There are three current standards that dictate how a helmet should function, and for each standard, a helmet has to protect a rider from G-forces ranging from 200 to 300 times that of gravity.

What these standards have most in common is their methodology; helmets are accelerating down a track and rammed into a stop point. If the helmet doesn’t fail, it’s approved. Unfortunately, these tests don’t take into account research progress on traumatic brain injury. The standards are designed to protect the skull, not the brain.

We now know that simply protecting the skull doesn’t guarantee survival. The brain is essentially a liquid, and acts that way during an accident. Padding the outside of the skull merely prevents skull fracture; it does nothing to prevent the impact of the brain on the skull during sudden deceleration.

What makes the new helmet different

Bell’s new Pro Star helmet is designed with your brain in mind. According to Jalopnik, “…the Bell uses three unique protective materials which are layered to address low, medium, and high speed and rotational impacts. The inner liner system can rotate relative to the middle and outside layers – which gives the helmet just enough flex to reduce the rotational acceleration translated to the brain.”

Reducing impact on the brain means less trauma, which means less damage. When it comes to your brain, every advantage you can get is one you should take. Traumatic brain injury can be devastating and change your life forever.  If you ride a motorcycle, consider upgrading to a product that can protect your way of life.

Until regulations catch up with research, antiquated safety equipment can leave you or a loved one with serious injuries after an accident. If you or someone you know has been injured in car accident, our experienced Nashville personal injury attorneys can help get you the compensation you deserve. Contact the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm today for a free consultation at our Nashville, Gallatin or Knoxville office locations.