Does a Normal MRI Scan Mean No Brain Injury?

Make no mistake about it: very severe brain injuries show up on magnetic resonance imaging scans, called MRIs. They can show brain bleeding; they can show brain bruising. But that doesn’t mean that every traumatic brain injury is gonna show up on an MRI scan.

MRIs find stuff that’s macroscopic – that’s seen by the naked eye. Oftentimes, very serious and damaging brain injuries can occur at the microscopic level. Oftentimes, MRIs are not ordered by treating physicians until later in to the treatment course, and by then, any type of blood or visual of a brain injury may have already dissipated. So, the answer to the question is, “No. Just because you have a brain injury does not mean it will show up on an MRI scan.”

However, insurance companies and defense attorneys want to show the jury the MRI scan and say, “Hey, look. There’s no brain injury as claimed by this injured individual because there’s no objective information about it.” That’s just not a fair way to go about it. And so if you’re gonna combat that kind of tactic, you need lawyers experienced in this type of injury and working on traumatic brain injury cases, and we have that experience.

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