Injured Employees of Metro Nashville

Injured Employees of Metro NashvilleIf you are injured on the job in Tennessee, most individuals have rights that are protected by and set forth under the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act (“the Act”).  However, not all Tennessee workers injured on the job are able to seek damages under the Act.  One of the most predominant employers that is not subject to the Act is the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County (“Metro”).  Metro has “opted out” of the workers’ compensation system in Tennessee. According to one source, Metro has approximately 20,000 employees.  This makes it one of Tennessee’s largest employers.

Protecting the rights of employees of Metro Nashville

So how do you make sure your rights are protected if you are a Metro employee and you are injured on the job?  First, this blog is not intended give you all the information regarding your potential claim.  However, make sure you give Metro proper notice.  Report your injury to your supervisor immediately! If you have any questions about the proper way to report, go online and also talk to your supervisor.  After you report your injuries, call our firm to see if we can help you recover for your harms and losses.  We have helped many Metro employees attempt to put their life back together following significant injuries on the job.  Most attorneys do not pursue these claims and in fact, other attorneys have often referred injured Metro employees to our office.

Successes in injury claims for Metro Nashville employees

Why? Because we have been successful in pursuing these claims for injured Metro employees.  In fact, we obtained a $250,000 settlement for a firefighter who was injured when a fire truck rolled over and he sustained a broken neck.  In 2012 we obtained a $205,000 judgment at trial for a mechanic who suffered injuries when a school bus negligently struck him while he was walking.  We even obtained a significant settlement for a teacher who suffered injuries when a negligently hung projection screen fell from a wall and injured her knee.

If you’re an injured employee of Metro Nashville, call us now for a free consultation. Don’t delay!

If you wait too long after your injury, you could lose your right to recover.  So please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have been injured or you have any questions.