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Workers Compensation

Will Getting Fired Cost Me My Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Filing a workers’ compensation claim for an injury or illness suffered on the job is within your rights as an employee. Most companies are required by law to provide their employees with this type of insurance, so injured workers don’t have to worry about finding ways to pay the bills while they recover. Sometimes, though,…

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Can Using CBD Oils Stop Your Workers’ Compensation Payments?

In recent years, CBD has pervaded many aspects of health industry news, including medical journals and other online articles. Also known as Cannabidiol, CBD has been touted as a natural and safe alternative to treat various chronic pain and other health conditions. Although the buzz about CBD has led to millions of Americans ordering the…

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Workers’ Rights When They are Hurt While Doing Road Work

Workers who help repair the highways and roads across Tennessee routinely place their lives in danger. According to, close to 800 people were killed in roadway work-zone accident in 2017, and 132 workers were killed. For every death, there are normally many more workers who suffer serious injuries that require surgeries and long-term medical…

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What Is an IME, and Why Do I Have to Go?

If you’ve been injured at work in Tennessee and you hire our law firm, we may ask you to go to an IME. IME stands for Independent Medical Examination. We do that when we think it’s necessary to get a second opinion on your impairment rating connected to your case. Once you’ve reached maximum medical…

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My Work Comp Doctor Released Me…Now What?

Nashville workers' compensation lawyers

One of the many questions that I get asked frequently by workers’ compensation clients is “what happens when (or now that) I am released by the doctor?” What should my attorney do for me once I’m released at Maximum Medical Improvement? Here at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, when you get released at Maximum Medical Improvement…

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