Rocky McElhaney: Just Call Me the Trial Master

Sure, our humble fearless leader, Rocky McElhaney, might never speak those words- but if he did… it would be the stone cold truth.

Any lawyer can get lucky and settle a big case or two, or be popular with his or her peers, but does that convey real courtroom and trial experience? The short answer is “No,” says  It takes years, it takes heart and it takes establishing a dependable track record of successful verdicts for real people before one can distinguish themselves as an injury “trial” lawyer.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that our head “Gladiator in a Suit” was inducted into an elite group of trial lawyers called “Trial Masters.” In order to bare the honored “Seal of Experience” and be eligible for accreditation you have to have some serious courtroom chops- having at least 35 or more trials under your belt and having represented clients in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Just to give you a basis of comparison to the competition out there, Rocky and the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm have been helping injury victims across Tennessee and the Southeast since 1999.  As principal counsel, Rocky has personally won nearly 100 major jury and bench trial verdicts for our firm’s clients, not to mention the innumerable number of successful recoveries he’s made through negotiating landmark settlements out-of-court.

If Rocky McElhaney has ever represented you at trial, I don’t have to tell you about his powerful courtroom performance record. The courtroom is where Rocky’s determination, conviction and passion really come together for the world to see. He wants to ensure that his clients will have a better future and receive what they deserve and are entitled to under the law.  He wants his representation of them to make a difference in his client’s lives and the lives of their families.

The team here at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm really enjoys getting the opportunity to see Rocky in action. It is always a pleasure to watch him cross-examine defendants and witnesses or make his Oscar-worthy, game-changing opening statements and closing arguments.  At our firm, we invest so much of ourselves in the individuals we represent.  We know what they’ve been through, their struggles, and the hopes for the future.  It’s reassuring to every member of our staff, who work with clients day-in and day-out, to get to see how “at home” Rocky feels in front of a Judge and Jury.  “To us it’s extremely rewarding and it reinforces our team to know that our boss, takes just as much pride in hard work and in making our clients happy- as we do,” says Executive Director, Dena Gibson.   To be able to bare witness  to his well-honed craft and confidence in what he does, comforts our clients and renews our faith in justice.

It is clear that Rocky has put in the time on his cases. Every move he makes, his tone of voice, the words he uses, the stress he places on each word- it all honors our client’s stories and delivers a clear and unobjectionable interpretation of the law. He painstakingly and precisely crafts his arguments, but his off-script, edge-of-your-seat, charismatic courtroom presence- that’s all natural, and it comes from a genuine concern for wanting to help real people.

Kimberly Owens, Rocky McElhaney Law Firm Senior Paralegal, who has sat in on a few of Rocky’s trials adds that, “Rocky has laser-like precision focus and an incredible ability to read people- that comes in especially handy at trial.  Everything he does is for a purpose and everything he touches gets results.  It’s good to know that we work for someone who can put their money where their mouth is.  I’ve seen our clients amazed and I’ve seen him really ‘Fight for You,’ and live up to the firm’s calling card slogan.”   Congratulations Rocky McElhaney, you really do set the bar in the courtroom, but now you have the title to prove it.

To learn more about the man, the myth, the McElhaney, visit Rocky’s bio .  And if you need help, call us.  We fight for you.  (615) 425-2500