How Much Is My Case Worth?

This is a question that we get asked every single time we meet with a new family that’s had something happen to them in their life that’s causing injury. And what we would tell you in answering this question is that what your case is worth has three primary components. The first is, how bad were you or your loved one hurt; the second is, how much insurance coverage is available to you or your family; and the third is, which lawyer you hire.

Let’s start with how bad you were hurt. There’s a saying in what we do that, “The greater the harm, the greater the compensation required to balance out the loss.” So if you’re really hurt, a catastrophic injury, a death, then your case will be worth more.

What about the insurance? Well, in cases like these, you have a situation where there’s insurance involved, either from your own vehicle or the vehicle that hit you or the store where you were hurt. The more insurance available, the more you could get a recovery. In some circumstances, people are hurt really bad, but there’s not enough insurance coverage to make up for that loss.

And the third thing is, which lawyer you hire. Insurance companies know which lawyers are serious and which lawyers take cases to trial. There are some law firms that are called “settlement mills,” and with those law firms, your case will not be worth as much as if you hire a law firm that tries cases and has a good reputation. I would tell you that our firm is one of those that has a reputation for taking the case as far as it has to go to get you the maximum recovery.

Now let me say one more thing. If any lawyer tries to tell you on the front end of your case a dollar amount your case is worth, that’s a lawyer you should not hire. They’re just filling you full of information in hopes they get the contract signed that day. That information cannot be accurate because that lawyer does not have enough information to make a good and valid estimate of the value of your case. The best way to find out the value of your case is to hire a good lawyer that you trust, and then let him tell you the value after he learns all the facts, discovers all the evidence he needs to discover, and works the case up.

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