Audi and Volkswagen Recall More than 10,000 Vehicles Due to Braking Defects

Audi and Volkswagen Recall More than 10,000 Vehicles Due to Braking DefectsConsumer Reports reported on August 29, 2018, that Volkswagen and Audi issued two recalls. The recalls were necessitated because an “improper coating on a brake component” could cause braking difficulties. The defective brakes could result in longer stopping distances. This could lead to more accidents including more rear-end collisions. Drivers that can’t stop in time could run through an intersection or stop sign, where they could be broadsided by cross traffic.

The Volkswagen vehicles covered under the recalls include the following 2018 models:

  • Atlas
  • Beetle
  • Beetle Convertible
  • Golf
  • Golf SportsWagen
  • GTI
  • Passat

The Audi vehicles subject to the recall are the Q5 and SQ5.

In the second recall, Volkswagen is recalling more than 8,400 2018 Atlas SUVs, and 2017 and 2018 Passat sedans. This recall is due to the possibility of a brake caliper bolt becoming loose. In addition to lengthening stopping distances, the defective caliper bolt could cause wheel damage. Drivers could also lose control of their vehicle.

A tip-off that there are problems is if the driver hears a rattling sound. Volkswagen claims that, so far, no injuries or crashes due to the loose bolt have reported. The company claims that repairs to the caliper that were made at dealerships should have been done correctly – but that cars that were sold subsequent to the prior recall weren’t correctly fixed at the factory.

Anyone with one of the model types mentioned should contact the manufacturer about how their vehicle can be fixed.

Defective product liability lawsuits

Anyone who is hurt by a defective car part has the right to hold the manufacturer of that part liable if the car part was designed improperly, made improperly, or there were other defects. The defects must cause the injuries or, in the worst cases, the death of a loved one.

There is no requirement to prove negligence. The manufacturer, suppliers, dealers, and sellers are strictly liable if the defect existed and the defect caused the physical injuries.

The person hurt does not need to be the owner of the car. If a passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, driver of another car, driver of the defective car is hurt; they all have the right to bring product liability claims against the responsible parties.

Some car makers voluntarily recall defective vehicles after complaints have been raised. Many times, though, it is the sting of large jury verdict or settlement that forces the car makers to take a corrective action. For this reason, filing a product liability claim not only serves justice for the person injured, it helps everyone on the roads.

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