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Slow Onset TBI Case Posed Significant Challenges to Other Lawyers – But Not Rocky Law Firm

The body and brain are amazing and remarkable. But because scientists are still learning about the ol’ noggin’ and how it’s affected by trauma, it’s often hard to predict the onset of brain injury symptoms and to determine the extent to which a person’s life will be affected by the injury. After a wreck, adrenaline can often mask an injury and brain injuries, in particular, can be even more difficult to diagnose.  These invisible injuries can lay dormant and don’t always begin with a hit on the head or a concussion.

We recently settled a difficult case involving soft tissue injuries and latent reports of TBI symptoms. Prior to calling us for help, the client called other attorneys who turned her case down foreseeing the potential issues with relating the brain injury that our client was claiming.

We took the case because when we say we try to help everyone, it’s not just lip service. We believe in our clients and their suffering, and we want to make every attempt to make things right — not just take the cases where we can make a quick buck.  Remember,  we truly fight for you!

When you live paycheck to paycheck, a wreck can turn things upside-down.  We understand that our client just wanted to push through dealing with the wreck and get back to her job, her family and her life. Trying her best to tough it out, she didn’t realize she had suffered a brain injury in the wreck until months later when one by one, symptoms of confusion, dizziness, excessive tiredness, mood swings, ringing in the ears and blurred vision started stacking up and altering her day to day and impairing her functioning.

The insurance company fought us on trying to relate our client’s brain injury symptoms to her wreck because they weren’t reported immediately following the wreck when she reported her other injuries. Another hurdle was that our client had pre-existing fibromyalgia. The insurance company tried to say that the symptoms she was experiencing were originating from her musculoskeletal disorder and not from the wreck.

It was a tough case, but Attorney Ali Toll and Paralegal Carmen Garner are tougher. They don’t take “no” for an answer and they stand up to big insurance company opponents every day to fight for the maximum compensation our clients deserve for their injuries – this case being no exception.

  • Total Medical Bills: $16,000
  • Initial Offer to Our Client Before RML: 0 (Nothing.  The insurance company’s attorneys were unwilling to put forth any offer until Ali took the case to mediation.)
  • Total Negotiated Settlement by RML: $112,500.00

Carmen’s diligent work building the case and Ali’s ninja-like negotiating skills and practiced legal strategy helped us take home a fantastic result for our client in this case when other attorneys wouldn’t touch it.

With the settlement, our client will be able to not only pay off her medical bills but address the remediation of her brain injury symptoms and better monitor her brain injury progression/remission.

Ultimately, calling us gave her a fighting chance at getting back to feeing like who she was before the wreck and the financial peace of mind to move forward.

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