My Child Sustained a Birth Injury, and I Don’t Know What to Do

Birth Injury Nashville TennesseeEach year, roughly six in every 1,000 children born in the United States suffer a birth injury. These injuries lead children to suffer neurological disorders, developmental disorders, broken bones, or disorders that prevent a child from balancing, moving, or posturing. One of the most common birth injuries is Cerebral Palsy (CP).

Hearing that your child has been diagnosed with a birth injury such as CP is devastating. What makes this situation worse is that many diagnoses don’t come until the child is older and the pediatrician notices that the child is not meeting developmental milestones. You need to take time to process the diagnosis and then find out how you can move forward after your child receives such a diagnosis.

Know that grief doesn’t disappear, but it does become manageable

Grief isn’t only reserved for those who have suffered a loss in their life. Grief comes in many different forms and it doesn’t just disappear. Researchers have found that parents of children diagnosed with birth injuries like CP can suffer from intense grief for the years following their child’s diagnosis.

If you have been suffering from grief due to your child’s birth injury diagnosis, it’s important that you seek therapy. Your child will need you at your best to help them live their best possible lives.

Join support/social groups

As much as social media can cause a lot of frustration, it can also be a source of immense assistance when it comes to interacting with parents who also have children with birth injuries. Interacting with parents who are living in the same situation as you can help you understand what is happening, find new ideas, and simply just someone to talk to when you are depressed or stressed. The same goes for joining in-person or remote support groups.

Be involved in the creation of a treatment plan

One way to feel empowered in a truly frightening situation is to make sure you are involved in the creation of a treatment plan for your child. If you have goals for your child, bring them to your child’s therapist or doctor. You can incorporate these goals and specific therapies in the treatment plan. Keep the conversation open with your child’s doctors. Once a plan is created, the discussion shouldn’t stop. There are new treatment methods being developed all the time. You won’t know if they are an option for your child until you speak with the doctors.

Understand your rights

One of the most important discussions you can have after your child is diagnosed with a birth injury is with an attorney. Birth injuries often last a lifetime, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs. A discussion with an attorney can help you understand your rights and how you can be compensated for medical treatment.

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