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Personal Injury

How Civil Justice Lobby Day in Nashville Affects You

My colleague Justin Hight and I spent our day yesterday at the legislature doing what we do best – fighting for our fellow Tennesseans. As board members of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association, we and other TTLA members met with numerous legislators to voice our concerns about a recently filed bill which proposes to change…

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E-Scooter and Dockless Scooter Liability in Tennessee

If you are a pedestrian or driver who is injured as a result of a scooter rider’s negligence, or a scooter rider who is injured as a result of a malfunctioning or defective scooter, you may have a claim for damages.  Who is responsible for your Tennessee e-scooter accident?  Well, that’s where it can get…

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Avoiding Dockless Scooter Accidents May Be an Uphill Battle in Nashville

Finger pointing over rising scooter related injuries and limited regulations and enforcement are a recipe for disaster on Nashville roads and sidewalks It sure is hard to escape the lure of Nashville’s newest craze:  electric dockless scooters.  Even the least adventurous of individuals can’t ignore the merits of this new mobility alternative. The use of…

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Who Pays a Personal Injury Settlement?

 Even though individuals are the ones that cause harm and hurt other people when they’re negligent, most times individuals don’t pay the claim. We get insurance. Our insurance is there to protect us when we’ve hurt someone else. In Tennessee and beyond, when a personal injury accident occurs, the insurance company is typically the…

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What Do My Lawyer and Paralegal Do All Day, Anyway?

 I know what you’re thinking, but no – I don’t hang out in Centennial Park all day shooting videos. Most days, myself, all the paralegals and the other Gladiators in Suits at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm are in the office working for you and other clients. Every day we talk to dozens of people…

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