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Wrist Injury Car Accident Tennessee

A common car accident injury is a wrist sprain. Wrist sprains are very uncomfortable, and if left untreated or not treated properly they can lead to chronic pain and additional injury. A wrist sprain affects your daily activities, your ability to work, and the ability to perform tasks around the house. Wrist sprains happen so…

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Kids Snow Injuries Tennessee

Nashville is not immune to a rough winter season. Snow, ice, high winds, rain, and sleet can wreak havoc on our state, especially when we’re not as prepared for it. But we all know that as much as shoveling snow can be a pain (literally and figuratively), the kids are going to have fun no…

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What if the Police Report is Wrong

It happens more often than you might think. You finally get the police report regarding the motor vehicle collision in which you were involved. However, when you read the report, it is wrong! It says you hit the other driver! That isn’t right. You were the one who got hit. What do you do next? How did…

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Personal Injury on the Property of Another Person

Visiting a family member or friend at their home is always a pleasure, especially when getting together for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or graduation celebration. It can quickly turn stressful if you suffer an injury on that person’s property. What should you do? Who pays for your medical bills? Do you have to use your…

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