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What You Should Know About Truck Rollover Accidents

Truck Rollover Accident

Can you imagine driving on the highway and watching a truck roll over? Even worse, can you imagine driving next to a truck who is driving too fast for your liking and can tip over at any minute? Unfortunately, this can easily become a reality. Rollover accidents are one of the most common and deadliest…

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Technology That Can Help Reduce Truck Accidents? Yes, Please!

Truck Safety Technology

We’re sure that many drivers would feel safer sharing the roads with trucks if they knew the drivers were less distracted on the roads. Even though many motorists refrain from using cell phones while driving, truck drivers can cause serious damage if they become distracted while driving. Fortunately, a California-based startup company agrees, and may…

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What Are the Dangers of Jackknifing Trucks?

Truck Jackknife Accident Injury

Trucks and 18-wheelers are common sights on the road, but they are dangerous. With their large, unwieldy, and heavy trailers, truck drivers must operate their vehicles in different ways than the average sized car. Truck drivers have to stop sooner, make wider turns, and be aware of their increased blind spots. If one wrong thing…

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Why Trucks Are Dangerous While They’re Turning

Turning Truck Accidents

Trucks are dangerous enough when they travel in a straight line. Controlling a truck is even more difficult during a turn. They’re big and bulky, and their blind spots are large. This is why so many commercial drivers are required to have a special license to operate trucks; they need to be safe, and other…

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Why Truck Accidents Cause Such Catastrophic Injuries

Truck Accident Injury

When big trucks and small cars meet, the results are never good. For the sake of perspective, the difference in mass between big rigs and passenger vehicles is about the same difference between an average adult male and a newborn infant. More specifically, if a fully loaded big rig were scaled down to around 200lbs,…

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What Are Truck Drivers’ Responsibilities?

Truck Driver Responsibility Tennessee

Truck drivers are the backbone of the United States economy. The more big-rigs you see on the roads of Tennessee and the country, the better the economy is performing. Truck drivers are responsible for transporting food, clothing, and other products across the country from manufacturers to retailers. However, truck drivers have more responsibilities than just…

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Tennessee Trucking Fatalities on Pace to Top 2019

Tennessee Truck Accident Death

The trucking industry is one of the most vital to the health of the economy in Tennessee and the rest of the country. The more tractor-trailers you see on the road, the better the economy is performing. However, these large trucks pose many dangers to motorists in cars, vans, motorcycles, and pickup trucks. Tractor-trailers are…

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Driver Assistance Tech Cuts Truck Crashes by 50%

Operating commercial vehicles, specifically tractor-trailers, is not an easy task. Truck drivers have to deal with the weather, oversized loads, hazardous materials, other drivers, road hazards, and many other problems when behind the wheel. Technology has been an increasing problem on the roads of America as accidents caused by distracted drivers continue to mount. However,…

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