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Severe burn injuries tend to be different from other types of injuries in that they leave both physical and psychological wounds. Burn injuries often require long hospital stays and they can leave their victims suffering from deep, psychological trauma that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Disfigurement is another issue that comes with severe burn injuries. Whenever a person looks in the mirror or looks at their body and sees the scars, they are reminded of the pain and the fear surrounding the accident. They worry about what people think when they see their scars.

At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we are ready and willing to fight for your future. We have helped countless burn victims in Nashville, Hendersonville, Clarksville, and throughout Tennessee get the justice they sought. Allow our experienced Nashville burn injury attorneys to put our skills and experience to work on your behalf. We take clients on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay attorney fees until we win compensation for you.

How often do burn injuries occur?

Data from the American Burn Association (ABA), the most recent statistics available, shows that there are about 486,000 people with burn injuries who receive medical treatment each year. About 40,000 people are hospitalized from burn injuries, with about 30,000 in hospital burn centers.

What are the different types of burns?

According to Stanford Health Care, “a burn injury usually results from an energy transfer to the body.” There are many types of burns, including:

  • Thermal burns. These burns raise the skin’s temperature and cause charring or death of tissue. Common sources are flames from fires, scalding liquids, steam, and hot metals.
  • Chemical burns. The sources include strong acids, detergents, solvents, and alkalies that contact the eyes or skin.
  • Electrical burns. The sources are either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).
  • Radiation burns. Common sources include the sun’s ultraviolet rays and X-rays.

Some of the causes of burn injuries include car accidents, truck accidents, fires while on someone else’s property, workplace accidents, construction accidents, and accidents due to defective products.

How is the severity of a burn injury categorized?

Burn injuries are classified based on the depth of skin damage. The classifications are:

  • First-degree burn.Only the outer layer of skin (epidermis) is damaged. Symptoms include redness and pain.
  • Second-degree burn.The epidermis and the second layer of skin (the dermis) are damaged. The skin may become red, white, or splotchy. Swelling and blisters may result. The pain can be intense. These burns can cause scars.
  • Third-degree burn.This degree of burn affects the epidermis, dermis, and the fat layer beneath the skin. The skin may be brown, black, or white. It may appear leathery. Third-degree burns can destroy nerves, causing numbness.

Some medical organizations also recognize fourth-degree burns, which can reach the bone. These burns are usually fatal. Those that are not will likely result in amputation.

What are the complications of burn injuries?

All burns can cause scarring and disfigurement, even if they are treated quickly and correctly. It’s one of the reasons why burn injuries are so catastrophic in nature. More severe burns, however, can lead to other long-term injuries and health conditions, some of which may prove fatal if left undiagnosed and untreated. Possible complications include:

  • Bacterial infection
  • Sepsis
  • Fluid loss
  • Dangerously low body temperature (hypothermia)
  • Respiratory difficulties from the intake of hot air or smoke
  • Scarring or keloids (ridged areas caused by an overgrowth of scar tissue)
  • Bone and joint problems
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Tissue necrosis
  • Inability to regulate one’s own body temperature (from fused pores)
  • Cardiac issues

What are the treatments for burn injuries in Nashville?

Your doctor may recommend that a burn injury victim be transferred to a burn center (such as the Vanderbilt Burn Center in Tennessee), if the burns cover more than 10% of the victim’s total body surface area, the burns are on the face, feet, or groin, or other criteria from the American Burn Association are met.

The treatment for severe burns usually includes first aid, wound assessment, medications, wound dressings, surgery, and therapy. The goals for treating Nashville burn injury victims include reducing scarring, preventing infections, pain control, removal of dead tissue, and regaining function. Skin grafts and emotional support are often required.

Medical treatments include water-based treatments such as ultrasound mist therapy to clean and stimulate the wound tissue, fluids (IV) to prevent dehydration and organ failure, pain and anxiety medications, burn creams and ointments, and drugs to fight infections. The Nashville burn injury team may use gauze or other wound dressings depending on whether the patient is in a burn center or elsewhere. Some patients may need a tetanus shot.

Possible surgical procedures may include breathing assistance, a feeding tube, and easing blood flow around the wound (such as cutting a burn scab to relieve pressure). Skin grafts that use your own healthy skin or donor skin may be necessary to replace the scar tissue caused by deep burns. Reconstructive (plastic surgery) may be used to improve the Nashville burn injury victim’s appearance and joint flexibility.

Physical therapy may help stretch the skin so the joints can function. Other exercises can help with coordination and muscle strength. Patients may need to have care from an occupational therapist who helps patients perform their daily activities.

For many burn injury victims, the physical treatment is just the first phase of their care. Victims with extensive scarring or facial scarring often need long-term help from psychologists – to regain their self-esteem and cope with how they think other people are viewing their scars. Many burn injury victims benefit from local Nashville, Hendersonville, and Clarksville burn injury support groups.

Who is responsible for my burn injuries?

At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we fight to hold all responsible people and businesses liable for your burn injuries. The defendants depend on the type of burn you have and what events caused the burn injuries. Defendants may include:

  • Drivers and owners of cars, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Property owners
  • Construction site companies
  • The manufacturers of defective vehicle parts, tools, machinery, and consumer products
  • Maintenance companies

We file personal injury claims on behalf of burn injury victims. Our Nashville lawyers also file wrongful death actions if a loved one died due to their burn injuries. We also file workers’ compensation claims on behalf of employees who suffered burn injuries while doing their jobs.

Do I need a Nashville burn injury lawyer?

Burn injuries are largely preventable, and if you have suffered a severe burn that was caused by another person’s negligence, you should understand that you have rights. You may be able to file a negligence lawsuit against the responsible party and recover financial damages for your injuries and losses.

Catastrophic burn injuries cause permanent disability and disfigurement. The person who has suffered from severe burns may not be able to go back to work, and some may not even be able to perform the basic activities of daily living for themselves, so they will require professional assistance on a long-term basis.

The experienced Nashville burn injury attorneys at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm have represented countless clients who have suffered severe burn injuries. Our experienced injury attorneys are happy to consult with you about your case, answer your questions and give you the legal guidance you need to make important decisions about your future. If a jury trial is the only way to hold the negligent party accountable, we are ready and able to fight for you.

We hold those responsible for your injuries accountable so that you can recover financial damages to cover your medical expenses, compensate you for the pain and suffering, severe emotional distress and disfigurement that comes from severe burn injuries. If your negligence lawsuit is successful, you can also receive compensation for lost wages, permanent disability, and other losses.

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