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Illness-Related Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries Can Be Caused by Non-Physical Forces

How illness, infection and genetics play a role in brain damage

When people hear the words “brain injury,” they often assume that it was a traumatic event – like falling from a high place, or being hit in the head – which caused the damage. Some brain injuries come as a result of sickness or illness, however, and some are the result of outside factors beyond our control, such as injuries sustained while in utero or because of our sequence of genes.

At the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we know well what kind of future you or your loved one faces after a brain injury caused by an illness or infection. In some cases, the injury is a true accident – but in others, the damage done to the brain could have been prevented, or came as the result of negligent actions on behalf of a doctor or healthcare provider. When that happens, our skilled team of personal injury lawyers are ready and willing to fight on your behalf, as we have done for so many people throughout Tennessee.

What causes a brain injury?

When your brain cells die off or degenerate outside the normal realm of cell death, the result is a brain injury. Sometimes the effects are temporary and the brain will heal itself; other times the results are long-lasting or permanent, and the victim of the brain injury may need life-long care in order to survive. Some of the more common causes of brain injuries or damage include:

  • Oxygen deprivation. The brain deprived of oxygen only has about 4-6 minutes before the damage becomes permanent. Oxygen deprivation can occur in myriad circumstances, including in childbirth.
  • High fevers and infections of the brain can “fry” your cells. In some cases, the damage caused by the infection is permanent. Meningitis and encephalitis are serious infections that can have long-term consequences, and may prove to be fatal if left untreated.
  • Degenerative diseases and conditions. Some brain injuries come from the degeneration of the cells – and no one quite knows why it happens. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s ALS and Huntington’s are all degenerative conditions with no cure and no real explanation for why they happen.
  • Medical science does not know all of the reasons why people have seizures, but they are usually the result of a brain injury. That injury can be caused by a blow to the head, can develop over time or can be related to an infection or a fever.
  • A stroke can cause your brain to bleed and swell, or can deprive your brain of oxygen. Depending on how severe the bleeding is, or how quickly the swelling and/or oxygen deprivation can be addressed, the damage can be permanent, resulting in months of rehabilitation or years of ‘round-the-clock care.

If your loved one is being neglected in a nursing home, or if your child suffered a brain injury because of oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery, or if you have suffered a tragic loss because a medical professional failed to perform at the expected level of care, you can rely on us to advocate for you. The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm fights to protect your rights.

Helping brain injury victims and their families begin the recovery process

A brain injury can last a lifetime; the help you receive should make sure your family is safe and secure. At the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we fight for your life and your future. To learn more about how we have helped brain injury victims throughout Tennessee, please call 615-425-2500 or fill out our contact form. With offices in Nashville, Knoxville and Hendersonville, we’re always nearby when you need us.

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