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Navigating the hurdles of the Social Security disability process requires an experienced legal hand

If you have been injured or have fallen ill and are unable to work, you may meet the necessary requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI). This tax-funded, federal insurance program managed by the United States Social Security Administration provides financial help to people in your situation, either temporarily or permanently. However, navigating the process to obtain SSDI benefits requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant laws, deadlines and legal protocols involved.

If you believe you are eligible for SSDI benefits and reside in Tennessee, do not try to tackle this process on your own. Contact an experienced Social Security disability lawyer like Rocky McElhaney today.

Are you eligible for SSD or SSDI?

When considering filing for SSD or SSDI you must first determine whether you meet the necessary eligibility requirements. You must fulfill several qualifications mandated by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to meet their definition of disabled:

  • You must be unable to do the work that you once did.
  • The SSA must rule that your injury or medical condition is of such a nature that you cannot adjust to other types of work.
  • Your disabling condition has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year or to result in death.

Some other questions that the SSA may ask include:

  • How severe is your condition, and does it appear on their list of disabling conditions?
  • Have you worked in the last year and earned more than an average of than $1,010 per month?
  • Have you worked long and recently enough to qualify for disability benefits?

If you do not qualify for SSDI or SSD because you lack the minimum required work history, you may still be eligible for Social Security Income or SSI.  To be eligible for SSI, you must be unable to work because of a serious impairment or medical condition but you are not required to have an earnings record or work history.

A layperson will not likely be able to answer these complicated questions. A knowledgeable Tennessee Social Security disability attorney like Rocky McElhaney and his talented legal team, can help you find these answers and determine if your claim has a chance of succeeding.

Applying for SSD and SSDI benefits

Even if you are eligible for SSD or SSDI benefits, you still must file a successful application to receive them. You can do so online, over the telephone or in person ― but if you do not understand the criteria by which the SSA judges your application, you may as well not file one at all.

For help filing the strongest possible SSD or SSDI application, you need the guiding hand of a Social Security disability attorney who has been through the process before. In the Nashville area, you need Rocky McElhane.

Let a tenacious Tennessee SSDI attorney focus on your claim while you focus on recovery

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