Can I Get My Social Security Disability Benefits with a Degenerative Disc Disease Diagnosis?

Social Security Disability for Degenerative Disc Disease

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

Degenerative Disc Disease is a chronic condition which can cause different forms of pain such as aching, burning, stinging or stabbing sensations. The pain may even radiate to other extremities. Degenerative Disc Disease, or DDD, is cited most frequently in individuals between ages 30 and 50 years old. It occurs when the compressible spinal discs, which cushion and support the vertebrae of the spine, begin a chronic cycle of degeneration, disintegration (thinning and stiffening), inflammation and irritation of spinal nerves and joints.

What causes Degenerative Disc Disease?

The onset of DDD may be attributed to an acute cause like a serious sudden spinal injury. Some studies have shown it may be a genetic disposition that runs in your family. The condition is often found in people that have performed strenuous, manual and repetitive labor jobs for much of their lives. DDD generally worsens with age.

DDD can affect any part of your spine; cervical, thoracic or lumbar. The symptoms may radiate to other areas of the body including hips, thighs, calves or even the feet. DDD is often the cause of sciatica and circulation issues down the legs.

Given the ravaging nature of DDD on the body, a person's ability to work or go about daily life can be greatly affected. It can be difficult to stand, walk, sit, lift, bend or twist. Simple tasks such as sitting at a computer or performing basic household chores can be completely out of reach of those suffering with DDD. As you might imagine, it can be very difficult if not impossible to find a job to accommodate such restrictions. A person suffering from DDD may not be able to earn enough income to sustain even basic needs.

How can a disability lawyer help with my claim for Degenerative Disc Disease?

For people that are afflicted by very serious cases of DDD, as well as any other debilitating injuries or diseases of the spine, our law firm is there to help them through the appeal process after being denied Social Security Disability benefits. We help them with the paperwork. We help gather the medical proof and other evidence to support their claim. We present their claim and evidence to the Administrative Law Judge. We put in the time to give them the best chance of obtaining a favorable decision.

Many of our clients who have hired us to represent them for their workers' compensation cases have received DDD diagnoses, often secondary to their main injury but sometimes as the primary injury. They have appreciated our thoughtful, no-nonsense approach to helping people so much that we went on to represent many of those clients in their Social Security Disability cases.

We understand that sometimes conservative treatments, physical therapy and even surgery may not be enough to levy the unbearably painful symptoms of DDD. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we fight to give our deserving clients a voice and help to ease the financial burden caused by their inability to continue in the workforce. No fees until we win. Call today for a free consultation: (615) 425-2500.

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