Signs of an Unsafe Daycare Center

Signs of an Unsafe Daycare in NashvilleMost families require two incomes to pay the bills and live comfortably. When you have young children, finding adequate childcare can be a difficult process. Every parent’s number one priority is the safety, wellness and happiness of his or her children. When you are searching for a day care center, be diligent about the facility you choose. An unclean, unsafe day care center is a dangerous place for a child. All too often, child injury lawyers take on cases of abuse and neglect which originated in childcare facilities.

What signs tell you to avoid a daycare

Signs of an unsafe daycare center may include the following:

  • Improper ratio of caregivers to children – If there are too many children and not enough teachers, the safety of the children is compromised. Ratio requirements vary between age groups. For example, in Tennessee, the teacher to child ratio for infants is 4:1, while the ratio for four-year-olds is 13:1.
  • Uncleanliness – How often are the tables, bathrooms and toys cleaned? Are the rugs shampooed? Does the facility have a professional cleaning service or are the teachers required to do the cleaning? Check for signs of mold, dirt and grime.
  • Indoor hazards – Lack of security covers on electrical outlets, missing smoke alarms, lack of safety latches and other hazards present major safety issues.  Make sure all toys are age-appropriate.
  • Outdoor hazards – Age-inappropriate playground equipment and lack of security fences are safety concerns.
  • Lack of first aid training – Several members of the staff should be trained in CPR and first aid in case of an emergency.
  • Inadequate emergency and illness procedures – When children fall sick with a contagious illness, all parents should be notified. All facilities should have comprehensive emergency plans as well.
  • Lax rules – If children are running wild, climbing on furniture and allowed to behave however they please, this presents a major safety concern. A Nashville child injury attorney can thoroughly explain the signs of child abuse or neglect.

Do your diligence when choosing a daycare

Before choosing a daycare center, browse the Tennessee Department of Human Services’ website. If your child is injured due to negligence or abuse at a daycare center, call the Child Care Complaint Hotline and contact an attorney immediately.

If your child is injured due to a negligent daycare center, call our injury attorneys today

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