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Child Injury

Waterslide Injuries and Liability

It’s almost summertime! And you know what that means – time to have some fun in the sun. And what family vacation would be complete with a trip to a lake or the ocean, or to a local water park? The best of all water park attractions has to be the slides. Tennessee has numerous…

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The Relationship Between Adolescent Concussions and Multiple Sclerosis

A recent study, just reported in the Annals of Neurology by the American Neurological Association, examined the connection between concussions in adolescence and the occurrence of multiple sclerosis. The study was conducted by the national Swedish Patient Register and a multiple sclerosis register. The register identified 7,202 people diagnosed with MS who were born after…

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Are Pediatric Concussions Going Undiagnosed?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that roughly half a million children go to the emergency room with a concussion each year—but is that number accurate? Since most traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including concussions, are diagnosed in a primary care physician’s office, rather than the ER, the official number of children impacted by…

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Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury and Attention Deficits

Parents expect that their children will have a fulfilling life, marry, have rewarding careers, and have children of their own. So, it is especially crushing to learn that a child was injured because an irresponsible driver struck the parent’s vehicle, because premises weren’t safe, or because a product malfunction caused a blow to the head.…

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Study Finds Children May Be Harmed by TBI Medication

Over the last decade, the effective treatment of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) has become a major initiative within the medical community. Physicians and researchers have worked to develop medications that ease the symptoms of TBIs. While some advances have been made, the effective treatment of children still brings up a lot of questions. A recent…

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Update:  Almost 2 Dozen Injured High Schoolers Rushed to the Hospital in Chester County School Bus Rollover Crash

Initial reports indicated that at least 11 students were injured in the rollover school bus crash early that occurred this morning around 10:45 a.m. on I-65 in Chester County, however; Nashville Fire now says there are close to 2 dozen victims from the Chester County School District. According to Nashville Fire Department spokesman Brian Haas,…

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Keeping Your Kids Safe in Cars: Tennessee Child Safety Laws

Even when you do everything to keep your child protected, there are still reckless drivers on the loose on Nashville roadways. But knowing and abiding by Tennessee’s child safety laws can help protect you and your kids while you’re on the road. In case you get hit, give your child the best possible chance to…

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Kentucky Families Seek Damages for School Resource Officer’s Cruel and Unnecessary Disciplinary Practices

Covington, KENTUCKY— By now, you may have already heard the news story about the disabled elementary students shackled by Kenton County Sheriff’s Deputy and Latonia Elementary School Resource Officer, Kevin Sumner, for misbehaving.  According to the complaint filed by the Children’s Law Center and the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU, the deputy caused pain…

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The Hidden Dangers of Vague Warning Labels: Did You Know a Few Spoonfuls of Children’s Motrin Cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

In April of 2015, the highest court in Massachusetts ruled that a $63 million dollar judgment for breach of warranty, negligence, loss of consortium and pain and suffering will be awarded to Samantha Reckis and her family following an appeal against McNeil PPC and Johnson and Johnson, manufacturers of Children’s Motrin. Poor little Samantha Reckis’ story…

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