The Hopelessness of Truck Accidents:  Yet Another Life Lost in a Catastrophic Murfreesboro ABF Truck Wreck Today

Just after 8am this morning another unsuspecting driver lost their life as a result of a semi-truck crossing over into oncoming traffic and hitting his vehicle with the force of nearly 70 tons.  The tragic wreck happened in Murfreesboro on Highway 840 between mile markers 61 and 65.

Though THP Officials are still investigating, it was reported that the truck jumped the median and plowed into the Dodge that was traveling the opposite direction.  The devastating images from the scene showed the back and front driver’s side of the Dodge completely sheared away from the vehicle.  The identity of the victim has not yet been released but we collectively grieve for him and his family during this  time.

Most vehicle wrecks area result of driver’s failure to follow the rules of the road, distracted driving, driving under the influence or dozing off.  Some happen because of unforeseen mechanical failures or manufacturer defects.  Others occur because dangerous weather and road conditions.  While all vehicle wrecks can be life-altering- causing serious injuries or even death- statistics show that no other type of car wreck proves so fatal as those that involve big rigs, semis, large buses, delivery box trucks and tankers.  After all, most of these semis  are carrying a heavy load and 40 plus tons of hard steel  while traveling between 55- 65 mph.

Possibly one of the most maddening, senseless and hard to swallow things about that fact is that no matter how many lives are lost, the commercial trucking industry is the living blood of our nation.  The US is dependant upon on truckers to transport everything that we use which makes life as we know it possible.  The bottom-line profits demanded by these big corporations along with their tightening deadlines will always take precedence over tired, overworked drivers, and all too often their trucks’ maintenance needs as well.

According to TDOT:

1.  Do NOT enter a roadway in front of a large vehicle, a truck or bus can’t slow down or stop as quickly as an automobile. By pulling out in front of these vehicles you could easily cause a rear-end collision.

2.  Avoid driving directly behind a truck or bus. Keep a reasonable distance between your car and the large vehicle. 

3.  Do NOT cut abruptly in front of a large vehicle; if you are exiting, it will only take a few extra seconds to slow down and exit behind the truck. Cutting off a large vehicle on the Interstate is particularly dangerous because of the high speeds being traveled.

4.  When passing a large vehicle do not pull back over into the lane in front of the truck unless you can see the whole front of the vehicle in your rearview mirror. Do NOT slow down once you are in front of the truck.

5.  Position your vehicle so you are outside the truck driver’s “blind spots”, and be sure the truck driver can see YOU in the side rearview mirror.

6. When you are near a Commercial Vehicle Weigh Station, avoid driving in the right lane so slow-moving trucks can easily merge back onto the roadway.

7.  Dim your lights at night. Bright lights reflected in the mirrors can blind the driver.

8.  In rainy conditions, stay back. Spray and splash back from the rear wheels can cover your windshield with sheets of water, mud and road film.

9.   When a truck passes you, you can help the driver by keeping to the far side of your lane and reducing your speed slightly. NEVER SPEED UP AS A TRUCK OR BUS IS PASSING.

10.  When you meet a truck/bus coming from the opposite direction, keep as far as possible to the right of the road to avoid being sideswiped and to reduce wind turbulence between vehicles.

If you have lost a loved one or you or someone you know has suffered injuries as a result of a trucking wreck, please contact us immediately.  We are the right brand of passionate, knowledgeable and hard-nosed representation you need to go up against the big trucking insurance companies and battle for the recovery that you and your family deserve.  We fight for you.

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