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Lane Departure Warning Systems Work. Why Don’t We Use Them?

There’s been a lot of new vehicle safety tech introduced over the last few years, but one of the more popular systems offers lane departure warnings (LDW). This system alerts drivers when they cross over a lane marker. They’re a little different from lane keeping assistance (LKA) systems, which affect the steering column to prevent…

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Top 7 Reasons Why Distracted Driving Is Dangerous

Top Reasons Distracted Driving is Dangerous

When we hear of distracted driving accidents, some of us have mixed reactions. Some of us are sad to hear of another devastating car accident, and some of us listen with a tinge of guilt. Whether we want to admit it, we all have been distracted while driving. There is not one driver that hasn’t…

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We Warned You SUVs Were Deadly

SUV Accident

SUVs are proving to be as dangerous as we predicted. While they may look nice and be fun to drive, the truth is that they are proving to be a great risk especially to pedestrians. With a larger hood and wide A-frames, these large and heavy vehicles reduce visibility for the driver, increasing the risk…

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Why Are ATVs So Dangerous?

atv accident injuries

All Terrain Vehicles, or ATVs, are one of Tennesseans’ favorite pastimes. There is nothing quite like getting covered in mud in the woods while bouncing over hills on an ATV. However, along with so many of our seasonal activities, we need to be careful and take extra caution when going out for a ride. We…

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Torso Injuries from Car Accidents

Torso Injury Car Accident

Every year, thousands of people end up in car accidents. Sometimes, the injuries sustained from the crash are minor – just some bruising and scrapes. But unfortunately, a large number of accidents end up with the drivers severely injured, perhaps suffering an injury that will affect them the rest of their lives. Such injuries can…

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Do Certain Cars Catch Fire More Than Other Cars?

Car Fire Injury

We love a good fire as much as the next person. Whether we’re toasting up some marshmallows or just keeping warm on a cold night, there’s a lot to be said for a good fire. We just don’t want those fires in our car and truck engines. Yet it seems like every day, there’s another…

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Tesla Under Investigation for “Passenger Play” Video Game Concerns

Tesla Passenger Play Video Game Accidents

Electric vehicle giant Tesla is under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over its Passenger Play feature. Per its name, Passenger Play allows Tesla passengers to access a variety of video games on the vehicle’s dashboard screen while the car is in motion through the Tesla Arcade system. Although this might sound…

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Women Are Dying in Car Accidents. Here’s Why.

Women Dying Car Accidents

A few years ago, we shared with you an advertisement from Volvo about the automobile manufacturer’s plans to test their vehicles using female crash test dummies. Volvo’s decision to do this was vitally important since women suffer more injuries – including more severe injuries – in car accidents than men, particularly whiplash and other neck-related…

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What to Know Before Agreeing to a Settlement

Car Accident Settlement

Okay, so you’ve been in an accident. Your car is wrecked, and you have sustained injuries. Your insurance company is offering you a settlement, but should you take it? Before you do anything, there are some questions you should consider with your lawyers when considering the settlement: Will it cover my medical bills? Will it…

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The Dangers of Freezing Temperatures

Dangers of Freezing Temperatures

Winter is finally here. The air grows colder and colder. Frost decorates the dying grass and trees; maybe you’re evening hearing rumors of snow. Days are chilly, and nights are freezing… So, what does this mean for you? What does this mean for the greater community? Tennessee knows how cruel the cold can be, especially…

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