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Revolutionary Motorcycle Airbag Jacket Hits the Market But Will It Solve the Biggest Problem

Dianese, an Italian manufacturer of protective wear for motorcycling, mountain biking and downhill skiing announced the creation of a new motorcycle jacket called the Misano 1000.  The state-of-the-art jacket includes a built-in airbag and all of the tech necessary to automatically know when to deploy it.

The manufacturer isn’t the first to the airbag jacket race but they certainly designed the most innovative and functional product thus far.  The Misano 1000 has acceleration sensors built right into the jacket to allow the rider to move from one motorcycle to another and bring the protection with them.  The other jackets on the market right now rely on sensors integrated within the bike itself, if not with an actual physical tether to the bike.

The Verge’s report on the jacket states that,

“The jacket works by activating its sensors 800 times a second to monitor their wearer. When they detect an accident, the jacket will inflate about two inches in the areas where an airbag is present, with the intention of protecting the wearer’s collar bone, chest, and back, as well as keeping strain off of their neck.”

Why Critics Don’t Believe It’s Worth It

Critics of the $1,695 jacket argue that it doesn’t solve the biggest issue facing motorcyclists- it doesn’t protect the riders head from head and facial injury.  However, motorcycle injury studies do reveal that Intra-thoracic and intra-abdominal injuries are more common in motorcycle crash than TBI.

Watch the video here to see the airbag jacket in action.

What the Critics Haven’t Considered

In a British study of injured motorcyclists, Ankarathet al. (2002) showed that thoracic and abdominal trauma as well as pelvic ring fractures associated with long bone injuries were the major contributors to reduced survival following head injury.  Therefore, the airbag jacket could prevent serious injuries to your abdomen and internal organs which intern might otherwise have a “feedback-loop effect” on brain resulting in the worsening of a simultaneous brain or craniofacial injury. While this revolutionary invention might not save you from injuries to the head and face, it may be enough to give you a fighting chance of survival in the event of a motorcycle crash and potentially lesson the extent of a brain injury.

Considering the number of motorcycle crashes vs. fatalities from motorcycle crashes our firm is for anything that could possibly safe a life or prevent and/or lesson serious injuries as long as it’s safe, lawful and works like the manufacturer has specified.  If this Misano 1000 airbag jacket is all its manufacturers’ claim it is, it could potentially do just that.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a motorcycle collision caused by negligence of another driver or another motorcyclist, our gladiators in suits will battle for your family to get justice and hold the at-fault parties accountable.  We fight for the maximum compensation in every case- not just what the insurance company is willing to part with.  We fight for your future.  We fight for you! Don’t settle for less.  Call today to speak with one of our lawyers, (615) 425-2500.