Winter Weather Driving Tips in Tennessee

Winter Weather Driving Tips in TennesseeWhile Tennessee has a warmer climate than many states, there are many days when the temperature dips below freezing. There are days when it snows or the roads and bridges freeze. Preparation and preventive driving can help prevent car accidents and help you survive an accident if it happens.

Consider the following safety tips before heading out in winter weather:

  • The battery, tire treads, heater, and windshield wipers should be checked before you drive.
  • Use washer-fluids that do not freeze.
  • Anti-freeze should be in safe containers.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Cellphones should be fully charged and the car should have its own charger.
  • Have bright markers that can be put on the car if it will not start.
  • Plan your trip. Check the weather forecast first. Leave plenty of time.
  • Practice safety tips in a parking lot or safe area, such as understanding how to steer into a skid and how to drive on ice and snow.

Tennessee residents do sometimes see snowfall, though generally, not a lot. However, even flurries can make the roads slick and make it difficult to see through the windshield. Try to stay home if snowfall is predicted. If you must head out, drive slowly if the roads are snowy or icy. Do not use cruise control on slippery surfaces. Try to build up speed before you get to a snowy hill, instead of accelerating while you are on the hill. Finally, before heading out, make sure your tank is at least half full.

Stocking up for cold weather driving

Besides practical safe driving tips, car owners should keep their vehicles stocked with emergency provisions, including:

  • An ice scraper
  • Salt for ice
  • A shovel
  • Blankets
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable snacks, in case you get trapped somewhere

Vehicles should also always have jumper cables, flares, and flashlights.

Consider getting a service like AAA that you can call if an emergency occurs. You might also be able to get Roadside Assistance from your car manufacturer.

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