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Should I Close My Medical Benefits in My Workers’ Compensation Case?

In these uncertain times of health insurance in America, it’s not wise for you to close out your medical benefits in your workers’ compensation case.

If you settle your claim with open benefits, then you receive those medical benefits for your entire life, for whatever treatment is needed for this injury, so long as the treatment is from a treating physician authorized by workers’ compensation, and reasonable and necessary.

Oftentimes, employers and insurance companies may low ball your settlement offer and say, “We’ll tack on a few thousand dollars for your medical benefits to be closed.” Or they’ll offer you just a little bit for the closure of medical benefits.

We think it is far more valuable for you and your family to keep those medical benefits open, because you could get into a situation where your workers’ compensation benefits are gone and your health insurance replacement refuses to cover your expenses because it was caused by work.

You don’t want to put yourself or your family in that situation. Now, there are a couple of limited circumstances where closing the medical benefits could be to your benefit. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers know about those situations, and we can navigate you through those waters.

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