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The 10 Most Dangerous Motorized Vehicles

10 Most Dangerous Motorized VehiclesThe most common type of dangerous vehicle is the passenger vehicle; this makes sense because there are so many of them. But there are a lot of dangerous motorized vehicles out there. Based on our experiences as injury lawyers, the most dangerous vehicles – the ones most likely to be involved in an injury or wrongful death claim – include:

  • Passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs/CUVs, etc.)
  • Commercial trucks (tractor-trailers, box trucks, flat trucks, etc.)
  • Motorcycles (including mopeds)
  • Construction vehicles (backhoes, cranes, bulldozers, etc.)
  • Watercraft (boats, jet skis, and water jet devices)
  • Off-road vehicles (ATVs and dirt bikes)
  • Buses (school, charter, and commercial)
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric bikes
  • Private aircraft (planes and helicopters)

Our list is not in any particular order, but these are the types of vehicles we see most often in our cases.

The 10 most dangerous cars, by death rates

There are many different consumer safety lists that rate or discuss the safety of different types of vehicles. There are many different factors that these studies review, such as:

  • The number of reported deaths or injuries for each type of vehicle
  • How the vehicles respond in crash tests
  • The features the vehicle has or doesn’t have such as airbags and self-autonomous controls
  • How often the vehicle has to be brought in for repairs

According to, the 10 most dangerous cars in 2020 are:

  • 10. Hyundai Accent Sedan
  • 9. Nissan Titan Crew Cab
  • 8. Toyota Scion tC
  • 7. Nissan Sentra
  • 6. Ford Focus Sedan
  • 5. Chevy Spark
  • 4. Chevy Corvette
  • 3. Kia Forte
  • 2. Honda Fit
  • 1. Mitsubishi Mirage

Which vehicles offer the least protection in a crash?

Even the most dangerous cars and trucks offer some level of protection in a collision. Their frames should withstand crumpling (though there are exceptions), and newer models come equipped with airbags and safety features. Other types of vehicles, however, do not.

  • Electric scooters and bikes. These vehicles offer no protection at all to riders, who may or may not be wearing helmets while using them.
  • Motorcycles. The greatest risk of motorcycles is the thing that makes them appealing to so many people: there is very little between riders and the open sky. A sideswipe from a car, an unseen pothole, or an unexpected curve can send a rider skidding across the ground, running a risk of TBI, SCI, road rash, and broken bones.
  • ATVs, UTVs and off-road vehicles. UTVs offer a frame for some protection, but ATVs and UTVs are prone to rollovers and tip overs. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to cause and have an accident.

With summer coming, we should talk about watercraft

Warm weather gives us all an excuse to get out on a river or lake for a fun day in the sun. You should be aware, though, that vehicles like jet skis and water jet devices can be dangerous, too According to Aqua Sports Planet, jet skis (or wave runners, or skee-dos – take your pick of names) are prone to capsizing, and offer little protection from bad weather, other riders, and large wakes from passing boats. Common jet ski injuries include head trauma, broken bones, and back and spinal injuries, not to mention a serious risk of drowning.

Water jet devices like flyboards and hoverboards are even more hazardous. Bad weather increases the risk of drowning or electrocution, and head, neck and back injuries are common, especially for beginners.

Not to be outdone, motorized boats pose all the same risks, plus one more that can be deadly: carbon monoxide poisoning. Because the tell-tale signs of CO poisoning are so similar to sea sickness (nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheaded-ness) you might mistake a deadly risk for a common one.

If you do decide to hop onboard a boat this summer, make sure:

  1. All vents are clear from obstruction
  2. All engines are tuned before putting the boat in the water
  3. All passengers are wearing life jackets

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