Technology That Can Help Reduce Truck Accidents? Yes, Please!

Truck Safety TechnologyWe’re sure that many drivers would feel safer sharing the roads with trucks if they knew the drivers were less distracted on the roads. Even though many motorists refrain from using cell phones while driving, truck drivers can cause serious damage if they become distracted while driving. Fortunately, a California-based startup company agrees, and may have a solution that can reduce the chances of distracted driving for truck drivers.

NoCell is a startup company that has designed an interesting product. It’s a round cylinder that can stop truck drivers from using certain apps while driving. Once the truck is moving at three miles per hour, only a certain number of apps on a “whitelist” can continue to operate. The other apps will be physically removed from the phone while the product is “in policy.”

How does the NoCell product function?

The NoCell device will be plugged into the phone and some type of connection in the vehicle. Once the device is plugged, the device will bring up a “whitelist” of apps that are allowed to continue operating. Corey Woinarowicz, the director of business development at NoCell, states that truck drivers would have to submit a list of apps to include on the “whitelist” to their fleet. That list would then be submitted to NoCell, and any apps that are not on the whitelist would be shut down while the truck is in operation in an effort to reduce truck accidents.

What types of apps would be allowed on the whitelist?

The truck driver’s broker app would be considered one of the apps allowed on the whitelist. Other apps that would be allowed are personal apps that are necessary for the truck driver to use. One example that Woinarowicz mentions is a personal app that a diabetic truck driver would use to measure their insulin levels. The access to other apps that are not on the whitelist would be limited while the truck is moving.

What if a truck driver disconnects the device while the truck is moving?

If a truck driver disconnects the device while the truck is moving, the monitoring system on the device will “drop a pin” on a map so the trucking company is aware of the driver’s location. When the truck stops anywhere, the system will restore all the apps on the phone based on a designated time period selected by the truck company. Woinarowicz also states that the customer can enforce their own policy when deciding what can and cannot be on the phone.

What if a truck driver has another phone in the truck?

If a truck driver tries to sneak another phone into the truck, the NoCell device can handle that issue as well. The NoCell device could pick up on the presence of another phone within the truck. The device can also shut the second phone down as well, so truck drivers will not be able to use the apps on the second phone as well.

What inspired the creation of this device?

Woinarowicz shares that a private individual chose to invest into the company’s product after hearing of a horrible car accident in California. The accident involved teenagers who died in a car accident that could have been prevented if the driver was not engaged in distracted driving.

How this device could reduce truck accidents caused by distracted driving

The NoCell device can certainly help reduce the amount of truck accidents that are caused by distracted driving. You would be surprised how many truck accidents occur because a truck driver was distracted. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that 71% of truck accidents happen as a result of distracted driving.

Common reasons why truck drivers engage in distracted driving

One of the common reasons why truck drivers become distracted while driving is cell phone use. Another common reason involves adjusting the navigation device and inputting a driver’s log. While it is easy for truck drivers to take their eyes off the road for a few seconds, it can seem as if the truck driver is making the decision to drive blindfolded when they are distracted.

How have truck drivers reacted to the use of NoCell technology?

Before using the NoCell device, truck drivers initially believed the device was an invasion of their privacy. However, after using the device for five to seven days, drivers stated that their stress was reduced due to not responding to all the notifications from their phones. Currently, there are two commercial clients of the NoCell device: an elevator company in southern California named McKinley Elevator, and a truckload carrier named Stevens Transport. Cole Stevens, the vice president of sales at the company, states that the device is currently used as a reprimand when improper cell phone use is detected.

What are NoCell’s plans for the future?

By 2023, NoCell plans to have at least 200,000 commercial drivers using their devices. The installation of the first unit would cost $148 per vehicle each year. Any additional fees would be $108 annually. Woinarowicz describes the device as “the cheapest policy a truck company could ever have.”

The use of NoCell technology would not just be a benefit to truck drivers. There are certain benefits that are awarded to trucking companies that take advantage of this type of technology. One of the benefits is that trucking companies can receive actual data that shows that the carrier’s cell phone policy is working. The device can be used as evidence for insurance companies to show that the trucking company’s cell phone policy is being exercised.

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