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Premises Liability

Waterslide Injuries and Liability

It’s almost summertime! And you know what that means – time to have some fun in the sun. And what family vacation would be complete with a trip to a lake or the ocean, or to a local water park? The best of all water park attractions has to be the slides. Tennessee has numerous…

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Fireworks Liability:  Your Legal Rights Regarding a Firework Injury

The explosive power of firework displays is often what creates the splendor that causes audiences to “ooh” and “ahh,” but it’s that same power that can also cause severe injuries. In 2013, at a California commercial fireworks show a defective shell exploded early, sending rockets and shrapnel into the crowd and injuring 39 people. In…

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Good Things to Do After A Bad Supermarket Slip and Fall

The perfect recipe for a slip and fall: It starts with a rumpled floor mat in front of the fruits and veggies at the grocery store, add the hourly automatic produce sprayer that sprays the floor more than the produce, throw in an understaffed and overworked or inadequately trained shift of workers and there you…

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