What Information Is Included in a Settlement Demand Package to the Insurance Company and Opposing Counsel?

Your case has gotten to the point where we're going to try to settle it. That starts with sending a complete demand package to either the insurance company or opposing counsel. If your case is already in litigation, it will go to the lawyer representing the insurance company and he will send it on.

What is in the package?

There are some very critical things that must be in that demand package. The first one is all of your medical bills and records. Now, this is where we can get into a hiccup of time. It takes sometimes two to four weeks to have these hospitals, medical providers, doctors, MRI facilities to send us your bills and records. Make no mistake; we will order them quickly. As soon as we know you're done treating, or as soon as we decide that it's time to try to settle your case, we'll get everything ordered. Then, it has to come in. Once it comes in, the lawyer has to sit down, analyze everything we have, and put it in a package to the insurance company.

Other things we include that are very important are videos of you during your healing process, interviews we may done have you through our representation. Often times, what is very important in these cases, is we try to show the story to the insurance company instead of tell the story. Therefore, during your time with us as a client, we have come to your home and videotaped you during your recovery process. We may have been to physical therapy. We may have asked you to take your cell phone and make photographs or videos of yourself at your house. We can use all of this to create a movie, where we show the insurance company the impact that this had on you and your family. If this is a case that we're going to use that type of process, your lawyer will contact you and talk about scheduling a time for you and friends and family members from all walks of your life to come in or meet us somewhere to do a special interview video for your case.

How much is my case worth?

Often times, it depends upon the amount of insurance that we think is applicable to your case. If it's a small amount of insurance – unfortunately that's in some of the cases ­– we may not have to go to this length or process to have that money offered to you. If we think there's a large amount of insurance available or it's a commercial insurance policy, we'll go as far as we need to go to show that insurance company the impact that this injury has had on you and your life. Sometimes this takes long; sometimes it's quick. We appreciate your patience as we go through the process. We always need your input.

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