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My Workers’ Compensation Case Did Not Settle at BRC. What’s Next?

You went to a BRC for your workers’ compensation case and you didn’t settle. So what’s next? Your case is now going to enter into a litigation phase through the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Court at the Tennessee Department of Labor. This is the time where we’ll start moving your case toward a final trial. There will be a lawsuit filed, there’ll be some interrogatories, requests of production of documents: that’s the discovery phase. Eventually, your deposition will be taken if it’s not already been taken. We’ll take proof from your doctor and then that final hearing will be set.

Now this doesn’t mean that your case may not ultimately be settled. It just means that for now, we couldn’t convince the insurance company to pay you what we think you deserve. We’ll continue to work together. This is an important part of the process where cooperation and communication are vitally important. We’ll work together to get your case resolved as soon as possible.

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