Which Nashville Intersections Are the Most Dangerous?

Which Nashville Intersections Are the Most Dangerous?Driving a car, a seemingly mundane part of our daily routines, can be a far riskier endeavor than we often realize. The statistics are quite sobering—nearly 43,000 lives were tragically lost in motor vehicle accidents in 2021 alone, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Even more alarming, this figure marked a 10% increase from the previous year, painting a stark reality of the dangers that lie beneath the wheels.

There’s one danger hotspot we want to discuss today: intersections. The very places where routes intersect can become treacherous zones where split-second decisions and moving cars can lead to disastrous consequences, like car crashes and other devastating accidents.

Top 5 most dangerous Nashville intersections

When it comes to the bustling streets of Nashville, there are corners—or rather, intersections—that cause chaos. These intersections, where roads converge and stories intertwine, have gained notoriety for being some of the most dangerous stretches of asphalt in the city. Let’s put numbers to the narrative: in the past year, five intersections have collectively seen a staggering total of 298 crashes. Yes, you read that right.

From August 2022 to July 2023, these are the top five intersections with the most crashes:

  1. Murfreesboro Pike and Mountain Springs Road: 71 crashes
  2. Murfreesboro Pike and Bell Road: 64 crashes
  3. Murfreesboro Pike and Hobson Pike: 57 crashes
  4. Harding Place and Antioch Pike: 54 crashes
  5. Murfreesboro Pike and Hamilton Church Road: 52 crashes

The hazards of intersections

The intersections in Nashville’s streets pose serious risks if not maneuvered properly. Intersections are a perfect storm of movement and intention, where vehicles approach from various directions, each driver aiming to navigate through the crisscrossing maze of routes. However, within this dynamic lies the potential for confusion. A driver uncertain of the right-of-way, a pedestrian caught amid hurried traffic, or a cyclist navigating between fast-moving vehicles.

Even more troubling is the fact that this complexity can cause miscalculations. When you add in distracted driving, speeding, or misjudging the time available to make a turn, the risk of collisions increases exponentially. The statistics don’t lie, either. Fatal car crashes in Davidson County have been increasing year over year since 2018. This unsettling trend only highlights the necessity of recognizing intersections for what they truly are: zones of vulnerability.

The risks of intersections for all road users

Intersections aren’t just troublesome for those in cars, either. They can affect anyone who is on the road or sidewalk.


At intersections, drivers face the lurking danger of rear-end collisions due to abrupt stops. These incidents, often driven by momentary distractions, serve as a blunt reminder of the need for constant caution. Additionally, running red lights or disregarding stop signs can result in side-impact crashes, known as T-bone accidents, with potentially catastrophic outcomes.


Cyclists, in their vulnerability, confront the risk of being in a driver’s blind spot at intersections. Their presence can easily go unnoticed, leading to potential collisions. Furthermore, when vehicles are turning, cyclists are at a greater risk of accidents which emphasizes the importance of clear communication and caution.


For pedestrians, intersections introduce a challenge between legal crossings and impulsive jaywalking, especially on the most dangerous streets for Nashville pedestrians. Stepping outside designated crosswalks can catch drivers off-guard, endangering lives. The prevalence of distracted driving adds another layer of risk, as drivers preoccupied with devices may overlook pedestrians, leading to devastating accidents.

Staying safe at intersections: tips for all road users

To have safer roads and intersections, adhering to some simple guidelines becomes a collective responsibility. By doing so, we actively contribute to lessening the likelihood of accidents while nurturing a seamless flow of traffic for all who navigate our Nashville streets.

Here are some good tips to follow:


  • Drive defensively by anticipating other drivers’ actions and staying prepared to react.
  • Eliminate distractions, such as phone use, to maintain your focus on the road.
  • Regularly check blind spots to stay aware of pedestrians and others on the roads.
  • Respect red and yellow lights as signals to slow down; avoid running them which raises the risk of collisions.


  • Enhance your visibility with reflective clothing and bike lights, particularly in low-light conditions.
  • Communicate using hand signals to convey your intentions to drivers.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing, ensuring they see you and recognize your presence.


  • Prioritize safety by using designated crosswalks and pedestrian signals for crossing.
  • Establish eye contact with drivers before stepping off the curb to confirm your intent.
  • Stay attentive, avoiding smartphone distractions while crossing to remain fully aware of your surroundings.

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