Can Friends Act as Witnesses in a Car Accident Case?

Can Friends Act as Witnesses in a Car Accident Case?Any witness in a car accident can be a valuable one, especially if they are trustworthy people who were involved in the incident themselves. That means that friends or other passengers in the vehicle who were in the vehicle with you can and should be a component of your car accident case. However, that’s not always the only support you need, though.

Whenever possible, we want to bolster the strength of your case, and to do that, it helps to have additional witnesses or evidence that help prove that what happened to you was not your fault. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we can help you to determine where you stand when it comes to needing additional witnesses.

What type of witness is important for a Nashville car accident case?

Witnesses in car accident cases can include anyone who saw the crash, including people in any of the vehicles involved, people in vehicles not involved, pedestrians, cyclists and bystanders. You do not necessarily have to have been involved in the crash to be called upon as a witness or to provide the police with a statement. However, the best type of witness for a crash is someone who is neutral to both parties, which is why having a friend as a witness could blur the lines a bit if they are called to talk at mediation or if the case goes to trial.

When can a friend be a witness in a car accident case?

There are numerous situations where a friend can act as a witness:

  • They were an actual witness to what occurred.
  • They can swear under oath that their statements are accurate.
  • They have personal knowledge of what occurred, not third-party knowledge.

If a person is only acting as a character witness, that may not be as valuable. Ultimately, the jury in a trial will make a decision about who is credible and who is not based on the information they provide and any statements made to correlate or refute those claims.

Can my friend call me as a witness in their case?

If your friend was also injured in the same car accident, and files a separate claim or lawsuit from you, then yes – you could get called as a witness for your friend.

Gather all witnesses in the case before filing a claim

At the heart of a solid car accident claim is having as much evidence as possible to prove what occurred. This becomes critical in a situation where it may come down to your word against someone else’s.

Our goal, as your Nashville car accident attorneys, is to determine what body of evidence is available as a whole. That may include looking for additional information and resources. Here are some of the steps we may take to support your claim:

  • Passengers and other witnesses: If there is anyone who was involved in the accident with you or they were standing on the side of the road watching it happen, they are witnesses, no matter if they are your friend or not. These on-the-scene witnesses are essential.
  • Expert witnesses: In some situations, we may turn to experts who can verify what could have happened based on the evidence at the scene. These professionals can help bolster your claim.
  • Other witnesses: There may be situations where other witnesses may also be helpful. This includes accident reconstruction experts, financial experts that can demonstrate your financial losses, and safety experts.

If you are only relying on the help of a friend to prove that you are making a true statement, and all of the other evidence in the case points to something else, that could be questioned. In most insurance claims and in lawsuits that result after them, it is not just one statement that makes a decision. It is a combination of multiple statements and other evidence that brings the decision to the case.

At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we work hard to ensure our clients have the best possible claim going forward. If your friends are the only witnesses to what occurred, they should be a part of the process. Let us help you find all other available information to help back up your claim. Set up a free consultation with our legal team now at one of our offices in Nashville, East Nashville, Hendersonville, Clarksville, or Murfreesboro to discuss your case. Call one of our offices or submit our contact form to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today.