How Auto Accident Reconstruction Experts Find the Cause of a Car Crash

How Auto Accident Reconstruction Experts Find the Cause of a Car CrashOn August 20th, 23 vehicles – including a box truck and an 18-wheeler – were involved in a multi-vehicle accident that shut down I-24 for hours, according to reports from and The Tennessean. While many people went to the hospital for injuries, no fatalities were reported. An accident of this magnitude means it can be hard to tell who is at fault. That is why our attorneys often work with accident reconstructionists, who can help us determine exactly what happened, so we can build a stronger case for our clients.

Auto accident reconstruction

Traffic accident reconstruction and investigation are processes that law enforcement and traffic engineers use in order to gather and analyze the evidence to come to a conclusion about the cause of a motor vehicle collision. Because of all of the issues with assigning fault and liability, reconstruction experts are looking for what caused the crash and which driver or drivers is/are at fault. Auto accident reconstruction specialists analyze all of the available information such as eyewitness testimony, any video or still images taken during or after the crash, skid marks and other data points such as vehicle black box data when available to try and unravel a solution.

Investigating an auto accident

When you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, and you hire a Nashville auto accident attorney to represent your interests, they often use accident reconstruction experts as part of the process of determining fault as the attorneys prepare for litigation or for a settlement negotiation. These specialists use forensics and any available evidence to bolster their case with the understanding that the insurance company for the other party in the crash is also looking for any shred of evidence that could exonerate them and keep them from having to pay for a claim.

With some accidents it is pretty clear by the way the vehicles came to a stop what caused the crash. A passerby can see the skid marks on the pavement and figure out that one car clearly crashed into the side of another after having tried to run a red light. But in a multiple-vehicle collision, like the one near Harding Place, the vehicles can end up in a tangled mess and evidence can be lost. Before clearing the wreckage, the authorities will take countless measurements, photographs, video, and statements from all available eye witnesses to see what they can piece together as to what caused the chain reaction crash.

Reconstructing the crash can resolve a dispute

If the insurance company is disputing their liability in a crash, reconstructing an accident can help shed more light on what actually happened and help to resolve the dispute.

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