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Workers Compensation

Why Does Workers’ Compensation Law Suck So Bad in Tennessee?

This is a terrible topic to discuss, because we fought against these changes so hard for so long; we could just not get people to listen. Back in the 2013 legislative session, the Governor of Tennessee introduced a workers’ compensation reformation bill, which just totally gutted the system and screwed the Tennessee worker. I fought…

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Breaking Out of Pain Management Prison: Brave Client Shares His Struggles With Addiction After Life-Altering Work Injury

Let’s imagine you’ve been injured at work or maybe it was in a bad car wreck or motorcycle accident. In a workers’ compensation case, once you’ve reached that plateau of recovery called Maximum Medical Improvement you are often released on an “as needed” basis by your orthopaedic surgeon or neurosurgeon.  Sometimes injured workers don’t need…

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Tennessee Workers’ Comp and SSD Attorneys Justin Hight and Rocky McElhaney Take Home Another Win for a Deserving Client- Chris Butler

“Chris Butler is a great ‘salt of Earth’ type of guy. He was making great money as a hard working diesel mechanic for Waste Industries.  He always had a job and always cared about making an honest living,” says Justin Hight, Chris’ attorney at Rocky McElhaney Law Firm.  One day, he was helping another co-worker…

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