Injury Victims Never Fear: Rocky McElhaney’s New Book Is Here

Winning Your Tennesse Personal Injury Case

Nashville’s Best Attorney, Rocky McElhaney, just published the ultimate guide to helping Tennessee Injury victims navigate the complex legal process and it’s available for free download!     Over the last 20 years, Rocky McElhaney, founder and managing attorney of the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, has built an impeccable reputation for fighting for the maximum…

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Get the Facts about Labor Day Injuries

Labor Day Accidents and Injuries Nashville

Labor Day is fast approaching, and Nashville is going to have a lot of events and festivals to celebrate. We know how much fun Labor Day weekend can be, but we also know that people can be seriously injured in car crashes, at parks, and at backyard barbeques. At Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we take…

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Penny McElhaney Receives 2019 Women Impacting the Community Nomination

The Rocky McElhaney Law Firm is pleased to announce that our very own Chief Operations Officer and Senior Attorney has been nominated for the 2019 Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Women Impacting the Community Awards in the professional category! At the Women Impacting the Community Luncheon today, Penny was recognized with other outstanding nominees for…

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Traumatic Brain Injury and the Link to PTSD

More and more research has been done in the past few years regarding the link between a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). According to a study from UCLA published in the journal Biological Psychiatry, people who suffer a TBI are more likely to develop PTSD or a similar anxiety disorder. This…

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I Have an IVC Filter?  What Should I Know?  What Should I Do?

Used as a prevention method against the threat of deep vein thrombosis or DVT and cases where patients are at a high risk of pulmonary emboli or PE and cannot be sufficiently anti-coagulated, Inferior vena cava filters or IVC filters have been widely marketed to the medical community as safe “retrievable” devices for patients since…

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Tricky Territory: Who's to Blame in a Parking Lot Accident

Surprisingly, twenty percent of all insurance claims filed are for car accidents occurring in parking lots according to the Institute for Highway Safety. Most parking lots are privately owned.  That means that they fall under private property driving laws which are put in place to protect both the general public and the owner.  Unless an…

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