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Rear-end car crashes are one of the most common types of auto accident in the U.S. In a rear-end collision, one car crashes into the rear end of the car in front of them. These accidents, when they are not caused by poor weather conditions or a multi-car accident, it is most often caused by the driver in the rear car being distracted or inattentive to the task of driving.

At the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we are well versed in accident reconstruction, and we know how to discover which driver is at fault and which driver is responsible for the property damage and your personal injury. Our experienced Nashville car accident lawyers have the skills and resources you want on your side, and the drive and passion to see your case through to the end. We have helped clients in Nashville, Gallatin, and Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee get the help they need when they needed it most.

Common causes of rear-end crashes

Although one of the common factors in rear-end collisions is an inattentive driver, there can be several other factors that might also cause a car crash, including:

  • Poor weather conditions. Slippery roads from rain, ice and snow can cause one car to slip and crash into another vehicle.
  • Drunk driving. Drinking and driving slow your reaction time and can cause you to misjudge the distance between your vehicle and the one in front.
  • Speeding. Driving too fast for the conditions and exceeding the speed limit can cause a rear-end accident when the speeding car encounters a car traveling at the speed limit or below it and they do not have time to stop.
  • Following too closely. Aggressive tactics such as following too closely behind another car can be a recipe for disaster if the car in front unexpectedly slams on their brakes.
  • Pedestrians and animals. The vehicle in front might be forced to stop unexpectedly when a pedestrian darts out in front of their vehicle, or a family of deer is crossing the road holding up traffic. If the driver in the next car is not paying attention, they could look up just in time to feel their car smash into the other one.
  • Roadside police speed traps. A line of cars on the road ahead might all of a sudden decrease speed as they see a state trooper partially hidden by the side of the road. Any driver not paying attention might be forced to slam on their brakes in an attempt to slow the car and keep from smashing into the car ahead at full speed.
  • Rubbernecking at an accident scene. Drivers are all craning their necks to see all of the gory details of an accident that took place on the other side of the highway. If the rear car is not paying attention and does not notice the abrupt slowdown, they could end up causing a whole new accident.
  • Broken down vehicle. This type of accident might take place on a bridge where there is no break-down lane, and the disabled vehicle is blocking traffic.
  • Defective brake lights. Having brake lights that do not work is dangerous. You could be stopped waiting to turn left, but the car behind you does not see your brake lights and doesn’t realize until it is too late that they are about to crash into you.

Given that rear-end crashes are so prevalent and so commonly caused by driver inattention, there are new technology systems in place that will help prevent these kinds of crashes from occurring altogether – but unless everyone has them, they may not be enough. At the Rocky McElhaney Law Firm, we know that it will take a while until technology catches up with the way we drive and has an opportunity to lower the number of rear-end auto accidents that occur each day in this country. Until then, when you are injured in a car accident in Tennessee, you can call on us. We will protect your right to compensation for your injuries in an accident caused by negligence.

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